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for A Kiss of Eternity

10/1/2012 c8 avidmoonstar
Such a unique take on vampires, almost as dark as Blade or even Underworld (if comparing). I really appreciated that it wasn't such a romantic tale, or that they shone in the sunlight! I really liked it!
6/30/2012 c8 4demonicDRAMAqueen
Hi its me Gamy, Two words LOVED IT. Thanks to you now I'm looking for more stories of this sort but can't find any as good as this. Your stories are great don't ever change. _
5/4/2012 c8 1Room 587
while it seemed a bit rushed, as this looks to be your first posting, I will be kind.

The POV shifts were a bit hard to catch on the first read through, but I enjoyed the story you told.

Adorable idiot...nice way to end this

Thank you

The Marshal
4/28/2012 c8 2I'll remember you this way
They got married! How sweet! I love marriage; it makes everything official. Yay! Love the story. As always, thanks.
4/28/2012 c7 I'll remember you this way
Yay! They rose above their differences! It's all resolved!

I liked this for an ending. I know there's a epilogue but this was pretty much the end, right?

If you ever want to lengthen this or publish it, I'd sugest spending more time establishing characterization and relationships. It was fine for a short story, but it could have used a tiny bit more depth in that area.

I loved it over all. Thanks for writing this out!
4/27/2012 c6 I'll remember you this way
Wow, that happened fast! They're in love! Good for them ;0

She gets to call him stupid American a lot, huh.
4/23/2012 c5 I'll remember you this way
See, just ONE episode! Told you!

You should be glad I'm learning Japenese.

I like that Miku is not completely abusing Eljin and treating him like a person. You don't often get that from independent, spunky leads.
4/16/2012 c4 I'll remember you this way
I see were this is going. Their fates are intertwined and she calls him an idiot and is a badass, he bumbles along in his extremely human-vampireness, and it all works out and (I'm guessing) they fall in love. I could be wrong though.

Pity about Kaneshiro; I liked him.
4/16/2012 c3 I'll remember you this way
It's Miku? No way! Didn't see that one coming.

I like Eljin so far; he's the lovely arch-type hero. Sorry it's been awhile; I've got no excuse.
3/24/2012 c2 I'll remember you this way
This story is a hooking one. i'm really enjoying it!
3/24/2012 c1 I'll remember you this way
Mwhahahaha. Take that, Twilight.

I quite like this premise. Miku is very interesting so far.

This is rather gripping; really want to know what happens.
9/28/2011 c8 Random
It was good, I like how it developed and it didn't seem that you were pushing to keep it interesting but she's a kid... not petite... gah 450 years is enough to make her adult enough I guess XD
4/28/2011 c8 18Eve's Apples
"An adorable idiot..." Lol, the perfect ending to the perfect story. ;)
6/13/2010 c1 Blood Angel Evengelion
Woah. Super story. Only on the first chapter and I already find it an awsome read. xD Anyways, I'm new here. Hi!

Cool story. 8D
5/25/2010 c1 lili999
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