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10/14/2011 c7 6GoKi Baro
I liked story too much, its very good. But I think you write in a hurry, that's why didn't mark punctuations. It made a little difficult to understand that when the sentence stopped and when a new started. So, at least mark full stops.

Storywise... I liked this story to much and always wait for the new chapter. These story also taught me many things.
10/7/2011 c7 1Exsomnis
Uh...you know, this story would be good, except you have no punctuation or capitols. *sheepish look* Hope you're not mad at me for pointing that out...
1/1/2011 c7 3meltingsnow
YAY! I finally caught up! I read it all from the beginning again so I got the whole experience. It's really good. The plot thickens I think applies here. I'd love to see more of the interactions between Hikari and Kyoya, so far you hear about their coversations but don't get to hear so many, sounds like they have a lot in common :D. Anyway, seems like there's quite a bit more to this story than just romance. Why Kyoya ran away and the world of big business for example. I can't wait to find out. Tadase's cool btw, silly rich boy :P. I feel very lucky to have this really cool story dedicated to me. Can't wait for the next chapter but no pressure, write in your own time.
7/31/2010 c6 chocovic-chu
hi, setochan! finally you updated! sankyuu~

anyhoo... gosh, kobato likes tadase, heheh...

he was like tamaki's twin! LOL

ow, kobato never knew that kyoya liked hikari... umm... finally the romance comes~

next chap, don't be late updating!
6/28/2010 c5 chocovic-chu
hey, hey, kobato's glad you made tamakichan appearing~

oh and, was it only kobato's feeling or you always wrote the descriptions more than the dialouges? the description's okay but please increase the active voice/dialouges in your fic, setochan..

anyway what's 'anta ne' in english?

and.. umm, will you add romance scene, please? perhaps between tamakichan and hikarichan or kyouyasama and hikarichan?

lastly, just ganbatte! oh, and kobato will check the poll..
6/22/2010 c4 chocovic-chu
where's tamakichan? kobato misses his cheerful side so bad~

she waits him so long but you don't make him appear in this chap, ah, so sad..

hopes he'll appear in the next.. please, setochan?

anyway, how's your exam?
5/28/2010 c3 drowningfire
Heehee, very cute. I am enjoying this. I somewhat wonder if Sakuya might turn out to be a girl since that seems to happen a lot in anime :P. Can't wait to see what happens, how long are you planning to make this?
5/25/2010 c3 chocovic-chu
ow, that's gonna too long for kobato reading next chap..

but okay, no pro, just study for your exam, setochan! ganbatte!

anyway kobato loves tamaki's chara, he's so cheerful like kobato her self..so please make him appearing more and more, please?^^

okay, okay, hope you luck, see ya next chapz!
5/21/2010 c2 Noora
Hey you are making it to a real author...I`m impressed seriously...the second chapter was even better than the first...now you don`t only have good ideas for stories...you also have the skills for writing, your new style of language makes your ideas and soties even more interesting..I absolutely can`t wait for the next chapter to come out!

keep writing, you are improving in such a short time and the story can very much be turned into Anime or Manga ;D
5/21/2010 c2 chocovic-chu
sankyuu for telling kobato that setochan updated the story before~

un, kobato likes that you described this chapz well~

kobato loves kyoyacchi having a kindheart like that, helping this stranger/thief sakuyapyon, what a nice guy~

and okaayy, kobato looks forward the next chapz, hope hikaricchi will appear again, ganbatte~^^
5/19/2010 c1 chocovic-chu

kobato needs more chapz!^^

ganbatte~ and yoroshiku~
5/14/2010 c1 meltingsnow
I like this a lot. It sounds like there's a lot of stuff going on in Kyoya's past and I can't wait to see what happened. Hikari is cool too, I look forward to finding out more about her. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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