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for Conversion Book 2: Bloodlines

7/23/2010 c22 xPersephone
nice end, I'm waiting for more
7/21/2010 c22 4wakeyourdreamz
-cries- No more Teren! )':

But such an amazing story! I loved it, thrills, spills and kills. Mwahaha.

This is amazing.

You're amazing!

And I'm just amazed! O:

Fantabulous work I'd say. :DD

Can't wait for the 3rd!
7/19/2010 c22 samishorthotmail.com
you kno u could always have the story take place alot of years later and hav them be teen agerrs and then hav them deal with sorta the situation tht teren did in high school u kno... just an idea
7/19/2010 c22 Cassie
YAHO! I looveed that story! YES another! I wanna see Teren and Emma, running after three yrs old tots! And possible Halina marrying a certain vampire...Gabriel perhaps mwhahahaah
7/18/2010 c22 6summers-end
Perfect ending. Perfect names. I was so curious about those and they couldn't have been any better! Love the mom-finding-out surprise-so glad that happened. Now Teren won't have to lie so much :)

7/18/2010 c22 A ventriloquists ventriloquist
First off i would like to apologize for odd reason my email never alerted me of updated chapters, so sorry =p. I know I'm a guy and all but that birth sure was something, kinda gets me excited for the future even though I'm still quite young. The whole book was amazing i really hope you do make a third one =]. I would also think it would be cool if you did a book on Ashley and her life either it be normal or supernatural (can anyone see a werewolf story happening?)or a bit of both. Anyway good luck with your next stories and i will definitely be keeping track of your updates.
7/17/2010 c22 reader
That was beautiful! Super well-orchestrated! Thank you so, so much for sharing your talent here...I loved this story so much. And I thought it was interesting...seeing how a pregnant woman felt... haha. :)
7/17/2010 c22 moonshine-love

Nika looks like her Momma! ^^

I'm sad that the story is over. Meaning you must DEFINITELY WRITE A THIRD! lol

You are a wonderful author. And I cried when the names of the babies were revealed.

Fantastic job! I am incredibly happy with how it turned out.

7/17/2010 c22 kone4
What a lovely story. I look forward to a possible sequel.
7/16/2010 c22 gert
What a wonderful and beautiful ending. Thank you for a great story.
7/16/2010 c22 1AlexisLovesYou
NO... I don't want it to end! I love Teren and Emma! For the next story you should do one, or both, of the twins finding their 'mate.' That would be sweet. Do you have any ideas for another story after this one, besides the sequel to this of course?
7/16/2010 c21 ForeverWasteAway
so right after leaving that last comment, I went to open another review box to add something, which for some reason caused my sister's beloved phone (that I am using to write this on) to completely spazz, then freeze, then unfreeze and come up with a note that says "insert sim". Somehow while reinstering the sim card I managed to cause the metal thing holding the sim in, and some other random piece, to fall off. Long story short, i freaked out but somehow managed to fix it up and come back to leave a review.

All I really wanted to say was that after sending the last review, I realised Nika is a freakin adorable name and I actually love it. Haha all that effort for some useless info you probably could care less about. Man, I think I deserve a younger than 30 years Emma for all that trouble. Haha totally kidding.

Anyway, this is quite pointless. Bye.
7/16/2010 c22 emmileigh
aw! that was wonderful! it was so much better than the ending i had orignally thought about! i love your stories. theyre entertaining, addicting, and very original.
7/16/2010 c22 anonymous8D
HAHAS! SUPZER SPERM! I absolutely loved that part!

I teared up when Emma told Halina, and her sister and mother the names of the twins. That was extremely thoughtful.

Her mother took the news really well. I know if one of my family members told me they were a vampire, I'd be running into the backyard, looking for twigs to keep them away!
7/16/2010 c22 ForeverWasteAway
aw man :')

I know I havent reviewed much (main reason being I usually read the updates from my phone and it doesnt allow pop-up windows) but I have been keeping up with this story and eagerly awaiting new chapters.

I have to congratulate you on writing a sequel that is actually good and isnt just riding on the coat tails of the original. I find a lot of sequels are just complete fluff with hardly any drama written mainly to indulge readers and the author. Yours obviously had way more going on. Tbh the Carrie thing kinda made me groan for a bit, cause I thouht it'd be the focus of the story but thank god it wasnt!

I was hoping this would be more about their kids, but oh well. I'll just have to wait for this possible third book, which I'm sure will be equally as brilliant as the first two. To answer your AN, if there were one thing I'd want to see in the next novel, it would definitely be a young Emma. Honestly, i know its mean, but i would hate to see a 30 year old Emma and young Teren (not saying 30s old or anything). Seriously, six or so months of being like her twins is plenty of time! Haha nah its your story, your choice :).. Obviously.

I also appreciate the super quick updates. I like how you had the whole thing written out before posting. Thanks for that! I insanely long waits between updates.

Anyway, thats all really. Oh and I like the names. Alexis and Wyatt are super cute. Julian is nice too. Not sure how I feel about Nika just yet, but I dont hate it.

I know you've basically confirmed that this is the last chapter, but any chance of a quick, fluff-filled epilogue? If the next story will have them at 3/4 years old then we would have completely missed the terribles twos! D:

cant wait to see what other brilliant stories you come up with!
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