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5/25/2012 c8 ViciouslyDark
About timee! hahaha glad to have u back! awsome chapter as always!:)
1/1/2011 c7 soccerchickforever

Okay... So umm I've been really curious as to how this story was going and I just couldn't help myself anymore...

And also the fact that I promised to always be a fan, which I am and always will be. :P

So I'd like to stop by and say that I really liked this chapter. :) And Austin and Dylan are in so much denial haha

Anyways, I know that things didn't work out with us being friends, which actually sucks... but anyways, I hope the awards went really well and I am sorry for everything that went down with us. Hope you don't mind me reviewing...

Hope life has been treatin' you well Raven.

- Nat
11/21/2010 c7 3Call Me Marcy
OMFG I really like this story and you mut continue! And I really like austin
10/30/2010 c7 Guest
Hey guys! I'm not trying to cause drama or anything but I just wanted to inform you that I think that someone has stolen your idea of this story. I'm pretty sure that the story I have found has very similiar traits to this one, so I really wanted you to know. It is considered a plagiarism, to steal someone's idea. If you want to know the author, just search Brekkie. Thanks. Just wanted you to know because it's your idea and stealing is a no-no. :)
9/10/2010 c7 taraturtle
I just read this whole story, and


8/27/2010 c7 foxyricanlady
great story i really like dylan's personalety and the story it funny and hot and sexy but i really like when she fights with herself hope you update soon
7/13/2010 c6 11DiexGaaf
o.o heehee.

Loved the chapter! Update soon :D
7/13/2010 c6 6EmmaWoodhouse88
Oh. They so just got caught. lol. I can't wait to see what happensnext! This story has kept me laughing so far.
7/12/2010 c6 soccerchickforever
Hello! :)

Great chapter as always! (:

Poor Cortez. :\ I would hate to be him...

Haha. Austin is so mice. lol. Dylan likes someone... haha ;)

Rawr! Riley got mad! lol

Update soon?

- natalie
7/12/2010 c6 2Dancer.In.The.Rain
NO that cant be the end of the chapter...well oh well ill have to wait for the next chapter this story is really great...its in the ones that I actually look forward to reading...whats with guys and cars whenever they wash them, it always seem to rain when a guy washes his car, I find that hilarious
7/12/2010 c6 Alissa
Love ^-^
7/12/2010 c6 DELETE THIS ACCOUNT NOW 323402
nice chapter not the best but still really good

please please please update soon :D
7/12/2010 c6 littlemiss76
Damn! Just when things start to get hot again you have to end the chapter and have the sister walk in. Lol!
7/12/2010 c6 11dreamercrys
Woot! I love how they keep being thrown together! Its awesome...lol... I hate tornados too... Does Riley really care if they are together or not? Can't wait for more!
6/24/2010 c5 Morgan
Can't wait for the next chap!
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