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8/5/2011 c26 1Jeni D
UPDATE! PLEASE! Update! Update! Update! :D

This is such a marvelous story! I can't wait to read more!

Do we get to see the dinner? I want to see what happens!


8/5/2011 c26 Liley

From the start of the story since chapter 1 I was wondering what the hell was wrong with Cade and what was his problem.

But now i freaking love him... i can't help it.

He was such a obsessed jerk but gosh it's so sad that he loved her so much and still love her, but had to let her go... all because of the things that happened with his parents.

Cade was such a sweet boy before high school.

I really do hopes that Sunflower end up with him.

Although he acted like a bastard for three years, he deserves Sunflower...

Gosh i just looooooooooooove him so much, i don't know why! xD

Anyway this story is awesome, i read chapter 1 until chapter 26 with out a pause! I was so engrossed into the story that i couldn't stop reading even for 10 secondes.

I will wait eagerly for the next chapter!
8/1/2011 c1 maggie579
upload, upload, upload...please please please..i luv this story..it has the best plot ever and i love cade...lol
7/31/2011 c26 Misha
You updated on my birthday hehe best gift ever please update sooonnnnn!
7/26/2011 c26 Hali2010
YAY! Another chapter! Looking forward to the next one!
7/20/2011 c16 Remi
It's okay... But I feel as if you keep springing on new ideas for the story to be alive. Like how we're still waiting to find out why exactly Cade did what he did. Like seriously, this whole Sunflowers gonna have a sleepover with Kate! thing seems just like a filler. To be honest I'm kinda hoping it won't be that overused plot where the enemies become BFF. I mean sure its okay for them to understand each other and be somewhat civil towards each other but I can't -or more like don't want to- really see them as best buddies. And Cade. God, I feel as if you're trying to portray him as deep, but all I feel is that he's just a confused little boy who doesn't really know what he wants. And now I'm getting frustrated. Personally I believe you should have wrote The Cade Confrontation after Robert apologized. Then you know, wrapped up the story. But that's just me. It feels as if the story's dragging along, and I'm sort of getting frustrated with Sunflower's personality. Like all of those food comments are getting old. And the whole naivetivity thing is starting to get me frustrated. If I knew her in real life, then inwouldve slapped her with the brutal truth years ago. Urgh. I don't really want to read all the way to the 26th chapter to see if they got anywhere.
7/19/2011 c26 Elle16
Hello! New reader here :) I read this all today in one go (without reviewing, haha sorry :P) But here I am now! It's an emotional rollercoaster, in a good way. It's very very dramatic, yet realistic at the same time. Though I didn't like everything that happened, like Sunflower being vengeful and selfish, even a bit before her change. I liked the way she was before. There are a lot of times where I found myself definitely not reacting the same way as she did, so I'm not that sympathetic towards her. Though I do see her point of doing it, I just REALLY didn't like the way she did it. Also it was sometimes a bit too confusing. BUT it always left me with something more and I wanted to read the next chapter immediately. So PLEASE update! :D I'd really like things between Cade and Sunflower to work out.
7/17/2011 c14 6epice
so this is war!

the battlefield will be bloody! clash of quarterbacks!

nonetheless I'm afraid that our Sunflower is following the path leading to the scarlet rose. that beautiful flower with deadly spike. I just hope that she won't end up being a "b-atch", the vamp that's prone to revenge by eating men up (not thinking about Megan fox in "Jennyfer's body". Not a little bit!)

Poor Ace, I got the feeling that, he'll end up being a collateral dammage!

and I also got the feeling that the night gonna be a "good night"

next chapter, yay!
7/17/2011 c13 epice
so kate is being the laughing stock here...

poor kate, ahem!

it's clear that the reason for them to break up 3 years ago is deeper than it seems.

what happened to Cade then? Seriously!

can't wait to see the new date. And Cade reaction... Unless it is Cade himself lol? I still have the right to dream!

It's becoming more catchy!
7/17/2011 c26 Autumn'sApples
Wow, I love the character developments (although the development of Cade was a bit slow in the beginning.) I absolutely ADORED Sunflower's innocence in the first part of the story, and was quite sad to see some of her innocence being replaced by vengefulness in the latter chapters. But I suppose she had a reason to change like that.

I really hope she can be BFFs with Andy again! I love it when the two of them are together, and I miss them .

It's a good story! Please update soon!
7/17/2011 c12 epice
fhew! so this is what all was about. some teeanage consideration about being loyal to your friends... Perhaps, it's because I'm in my twenties (not the mid-twenties yet, thank God!)that I don't see the problem as it should be seen!

but wow, they are really fullhanded. Fortunately it's because of those weird reasons that the storyline is so interesting.
7/17/2011 c11 epice
I'm blissed! that was the perfect reaction for Sunny!

the punch was just ecstatic!

that big asshole Cade, not event feeling a little bit guilty, nor soory, nor even angry. Just that f*cking dead-fish-blank look. Gives me a burning desire to beat him up. so the sunny-punch was damn so appropriate!

It's kind of flabbergasting, not too say creepy. He's got some socializing problems! THat make the character more dense!

you really did a great job by transcribing Sunny emotions. I mean, just as I expected... No, beyond my expectation. The punch part. she dared! she has guts. And I don't see why She is a loser! punching a quaterback on his face... I kind of appropriating her anger against the three bastard. I just wish they had an audience! that would have been so terrific (little revenge)

I look foward to the explanations of Andy. yes that question too was rolling in my head too: Why?

Ace is scoring more points, Robert is in trouble. He is loosing more and more field, even if it's less than Cade (at least for Sunny point of view. I don't know about YOURS!)

jake and josh; I wish I got lil'brother like them (even if I've already got two, a younger and an older brother, I've also got two sister... erf, who cares!)

see you too the next chapter
7/16/2011 c10 epice
First of all, I must point out something very crutial (It's a matter of death and life!)

I'm living in france, I'm not french but I do speak french, and my english is kind of RUSTY, so I'm sorry but you'll have to deal with it! I'm so sorry (*awkward, awkward* seems like people living in france, suck in english, I confirm)


I had to answer, to LEAVE A REVIEW, to make sign, to say something, I don't know what ... but to do something anyway

this chapter! this chapter just got me down on my knees! (well, just an expression)

I mean, I've got a bad habit, a really bad behaviour for a reader,. I do leave reviews but only when I'm sure that the story is finished, is about to end, or when I'm at the last updated chapter... (Epice is a very bad girl)

And I admit it, the fact that the fiction is in english was a little bit bothersome (maybe that's not the right word) let's say, difficult for me to review it. But I also know that lazy people had sharp mind when it comes to make excuses and false reasons. Ok I stop telling my life.

I discovered your fiction from a link leading to another and so on. And it's a a quite good, I mean, a really good surprise! It's just a pleasure to read you. Even if sometimes my limited skills in english forces me to juggle with that "damn Google language tool". (Stay at ease, the problem is mine, not yours ^_^)

so let's talk about the story, after all that's why I write to you.

_ _-_ _

from the beginning, when I knew there was a twisted person behind Sunflower doomed dates, I knew for sure, it was Cade (that lame bastard, I love him) At the same time, who wouldn't have known with the oh so explicit title "Cant' let go"

Sunny: I love her (Yeah, I'm a girl, if I didn't mention it)

she is funny (Andy i a really fatass to not notice it), she is bright and people like her who always try their hard to see the good side, the positive side of things, are truly beautiful. It's easier, and grateful to live with them. a bliss. So I do insist: Cade is a lame and twisted bastard! She struggle in her little teenager life, and kindly make her way out to overcome the little problems we have in this age (especially in this school of mad)I have to say that for me, school in USA is kind of "aside" (another dimension) when you have grew up both in france and in africa...

so that was her "thumb up"

She is too naïve, that's the bad point. Now you understand why, this chapter bring me to write this review. she has met my expectations by calling them three assholes, cause THAT's what they are!

damn assholes! I ought to congratulate her... hence... the review... That wasn't obvious for her, I know. Otherwise there would be no fiction, and IF she was too smart (for those silly love things) it would not fit with the character. Yes, I do like this character. Now I just wish that she will get back at them and make them paid a hundredfold. As it seems, Revenge is a dish best served cold.

The Berry family: the best. it's the kind of family that everyone find tiresome and troublesome, that sucks sometimes, but you'll never change them at any cost. the best family prototype for me. Jake and Josh, they are just bliss (I wanna bite them... a korean expression that means they are soooo cute!)

Andy. those freaking people that just made you turn back, drool and sigh: WHAT A WASTE! So I'm gonna put a finger on the "cliché": Why in the world, I must say, in the fiction world, gay people have to be so damn hot! (I'm a big fan of yaoi mangas, and in my own fiction, my gay character are also "damn hot" lol) it's a kind of "disease" or maybe, we girls, are just trying to create a new human species... However, Andy, sarangae!

but I had only one desire, to tear his eyes open! why did he cover his friend... Ok boys freindship I know, but for what I care! when you're gay (even if I really hate the cliché of GAY = Girl And Y-chromosome, G.A.Y by initials (that shi*t's from me I swear)you owe not to take sides with the guy who hurts your "girl" best friend. Worse, without her knowledge!

that's outrageous! ok, I must cool down. but why? Are they that affraid of Cade? He made the H. bomb or what?, they are all wetting their pant when it comes to him. (I mean, boys, and girls, ok) Is he really that powerful? he run them with blackmail? He has black files on everyone? I mean, Kate can fear him. Quaterback, tall, handsome, riche, the kind of guy that easily can ruin to the core, the reputation of the cheerleader queen. Ok that's just a b-tche. A girl who prefers to live a semblance of romance, playing fillers, or third wheel of the coach and consciously spoiling the life of a poor innocent sheep. (Sob* sob* T_T don't worry I've got some tissues and a handkerchief)

For once, I pity her a bit. I feel a little bit guilty for Kate but LET ME SAY no pity for the beggar! (I'm a freak of a capitalist, don't tell my mom). I'm sorry but, she has no personality, a victim of the sheep-phenomenon where you tend a ridiculous, articial and superficial image of perfection, when all you're longing is to puke (That was the Epice-having-a-rant-against-the-system-minute). iS she still about to look herself in the mirror and be proud ? I guess Yes, it's above her means, she is beautiful after all.

Robert has no excuse. I like him, but I prefer Ace by far. First of all, the name! ACE! one of my favorite (because of the manga One piece) and in the manga, he dies (Sorry If I spoiled you) and in your fiction, I'm afraid, he is digging his own grave. Next I like reckless and foolhardy boys. And finally: ""Better watch out Cade, competition's getting harder!"

Cade: He is playing a dangerous game. What if, Sunflower and Kate decided to walk hand in hand just to open hostilities against him. Women can be vicious when it comes to make you paid. But I find him kind of dense. just like sunflower, the do match together. He seemed quite cute when he asserted "SUNFLOWER IS MINE" But I'm almost tempted to say: no pity for that bastard! I trylly hope that Sunflower will be "sanguinary" and volcanic! But that's perhaps taking my wishes for rality... She seems so NAIVE!

all in all

your story really catch me, grabbing me to the neck, forcing me to read it till the end (my doom!)

I can not really make constuctive criticisms about your writing skills, but I'm sure about one thing, the drama is there, the story is catchy and for people with some difficulties in english, it's read almost effortlessly.

PFIOU! it took me quite an hour to write all this! and I didn't manage to put in world all I wanted to say! I'm dead
7/16/2011 c26 2GoNe RoGuE
This is a really good story and I hope you haven't put it on hold, this is really good and I can't wait for the next chapter to be updated!=D

7/16/2011 c12 GoNe RoGuE
I cried at Andy's speech, but smiled when he tackled her to the bed! Such good drama!

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