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for Can't Let Go

7/18/2014 c21 1lost keys
Honestly I think the change was good for Sunflower...I mean it's realistic. I would probably crack if went through what Sunflower has. But I hope she becomes herself again soon.

But then again your not updating and are most likely gone.

So yeah.

But I do respect your choices despite wishing that you'll finish this story. I think this story is great and I would really like to finish reading it, seeing that everything is not yet resolved. So I'm going to keep hoping that you'll come back and finish this story. As hopeless as it is, I do wish that you'll finish this story.
5/3/2014 c26 Alixah
update plzzzzzzzz!
i don't like hangings...!
4/29/2014 c26 Mish
Hey! I've just started reading this today and I'm totally addicted. I just realised you haven't continued the story since 2011. Do you think you'll ever finish it? I want to know what happens to everyone!
3/13/2014 c8 3BleedingInLove
Last chapterAmazing.
Now I must continue to read this one *Squeals in excitement*
2/25/2014 c26 mylittleprincess
2/17/2014 c26 Wickedforlife
Please please please finish this!
2/8/2014 c26 5I Murder on Impulse
Nooo you must finish it! It's killing me :( pleasepleasepleaseeeee :) with candy and icecream :D
1/13/2014 c1 zaini
please please please update this story.
you still have a long way to go in order to tie all the ends.
I miss you.
your characters.
I sincerely hope that all's well at your end.
take care.
1/9/2014 c26 3ACleverPenName
...Please..I'm begging you...Update...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! From the looks of it your last update was in 2011..It's 2014 now! This is RIDICULOUS!
12/29/2013 c26 zaini
please don't let this story go...
I'm hoping it haunts you lie it did to me the previous night.
its been too long... and I hope you're doing good...
and please revive the drive to complete tying the knots of this story to end.
I'll miss Cade, Sunflower,Andy and of course Ace.
what I mean is that is I'd miss you ...
I'll stop grovelling...
but please...

Best of luck for everything.
12/7/2013 c26 Boo
At first I thought the characters in the story were immature, cliche and, therefore, unreal. But with the course of the story it got better, a lot better. I hope, you decide to continue with the story.
11/22/2013 c26 2SkyBlue1309
Lol there story is adorable! I absolutely love ur sunflower. She's so cute :) everyone's awesome. I really wish/hope u continue this its so good! N leaving it here! Aww man! We dk if there gonna get back 2 get her n if Cade's really up 2 something or not! N Andy! Awwww so many loose points. N Sunnis finally getting back to herself
11/20/2013 c14 daisukiklove
I knew it I knew it!
11/20/2013 c13 daisukiklove
I'm sorry but I just had to point out I recently learned in health that if u were raised with arguing parents, you grow up abusive, possessive, and more likely to go cookoo in the head
11/20/2013 c10 daisukiklove
Oh god Cade was THIS kinda boyfriend?
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