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5/23/2010 c1 65perhaps then you'd notice me
Firstly, thanks for your review! It totally made my day :D

Secondly, I do really like this poem. I love the idea behind it [or at least, how i read it] - they'll talk anyway, so lets give them a reason too. Its such a good point, but this poem is gorgeous. Loved the last few lines "Walk, together,/

Talk, together,/Be, together". It's sweet.

Have a happy day!

5/20/2010 c1 43losing oxygen
Love it. The concept, the lines, the commas in the right places; I repeat myself; Love it. So cool. I don't find it very confusing (Or confuzzling, as I would say), to me at least. It's a great concept. Stupid non-reviewers. Hope you get some reviews for this one!


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