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for Making Moonshine

12/10/2017 c2 11ImmanenceEnsured
The prodigal son returning home is suh a perfect set up, and you have these first two chapters packed with character. I feel like I already know the family and what they’re about. Bethanie’s character is great and so is the father. I can picture him in my mind. The build up of George got me really excited, I was like who is this dude gonna be? But after his reveal he’s still shrouded in mystery. It makes me uncomfortbale that he seems to have taken over Thomas’ life. I would be feeling crazy territorial. Like what are you being called Uncle for? I feel thomas is a really nice, easy-going dude, but I hope he at least rebels a bit. The stuff with his father is awesome, it’s character development gold. I can see this goin many ways. And it’s so charmingly southern. I’m not American, but you must be.
Great writing, btw. Very visual.
8/31/2013 c1 NaoEarthGoddess
I like this story so far too! Please continue soon. ;)

12/3/2012 c1 14Calico Trayce
Well I don't suppose this is the brotherly love one, you'll have to tell me which it is specifically. But this is just as great. I love the southern tone you're using to create the setting. I like Tommy. Rugged, tall, handsome farm boy who happens to be a "raging homosexual" LOL! Sorry my review isn't nearly as good as yours but you should definitely keep writing! I am curious about Uncle George - GASP - he is definitely the love interest, eh? Wow, after reading all this country talk, it feels weird being a Canadian.

Oh and I like Bethanie too. Bossy older sisters FTW!
10/2/2010 c1 6Collins-A
Ooh, I like this story!

you should've seen my face when I made to click the next chapter button, only to find there was none.

Why not! next update pretty please? :D

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