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5/1/2011 c49 deadgummiegirl
I'm so glad you're back! And I'm sorry for everything you had to go through with the earthquake and all. But another great chapter none the less.
3/7/2011 c46 Dashita Tichou
Okay... Cole sounds like an adorable little evil mastermind! (Just like that little Kilgore t hingamabob on My Life as a Teenage Robot)

3/2/2011 c45 1Dashita Tichou
Your story is amazing and I love your plaot. This is seriously more amazing than over half the actual books I have read. Your characters are really developed and you keep them constant in their personalities. I love your plot and Elana is hilarious! She's got great luck... I wish I could live in that world!
2/27/2011 c44 1lobsterwife
There are no words. Actually there are words but they mostly consist of me squealing like a crazy person. This story makes me feel so many feelings! Like "oh my gawd phinn what are you doing" and "anya take a chill pill jeez". So I can't wait for the next chapter now. All this intrigue! Also, I was having a real blah day and this update cheered me up so thanks :D
2/26/2011 c44 deadgummiegirl
WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? throughout the whole chapter i was like WHAT! And I've just come to realize that almost all of your chapters end that way. Update soon plz! :)
2/22/2011 c43 lobsterwife
OH DAMN. I'M SORRY I'M RAPING THE CAPS BUTTON, BUT OH DAMN. I SO need to know what happens next. I probably will not stop thinking about this all week. This is what your do to me, madam (not that I'm complaining or anything...) It's just that fbajfbajk! I can't even articulate my feelings right now. Sorry for being so absolutely insane right now :D
2/22/2011 c43 10raped by a female bunni

why would you do that? ok, now im really confused. i like both phinn and lawson equally!

2/11/2011 c41 deadgummiegirl
yoo hoo! i loved it as always :)
1/30/2011 c39 haybella
I love this story. It's hilarious! Thank you.
1/30/2011 c39 1lobsterwife
Oh WHAT. First I need to say that seeing TKOR updated totally makes my day. Now let's hope that Elena doesn't do anything stupid involving you-know-who. I was actually a little surprised when she returned to to the "real world". At first I was like "Mr. Redley?" then I kind of realized that oh yeah that's her history teacher guy. Hm...
1/30/2011 c39 10raped by a female bunni
hahaha, yay!

Lawsons such a weirdo :)
1/30/2011 c1 Anonymous
I think you've copied the concept of "The Vampire Diaries" in your story. Especially Elena - coincidence much? However, your wording & grammar is good! :)
1/27/2011 c38 1lobsterwife
Okay so I'm getting really excited about this. We get to meet Ryder and Cole soon *does a happy dance* This chapter make me jump around a little because of the whole 'Elle' thing haha. Phinn and Elena have such an interesting/strange/funny relationship (what with both of them being so interesting/strange/funny themselves). I can't wait until the next chapter, but, sadly, I will have to have some patience.
1/26/2011 c38 deadgummiegirl
I am so excited for the meeting where we finally get to meet the other siblings! This story keeps getting better and better.
1/25/2011 c37 10raped by a female bunni
YAY! you're back! :D

great chapter,FINALLY she realises that turner is an un-pleasant being!
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