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8/26/2010 c17 Vampire heartz
Wow terrick is so sweet to Ronny I can't wait for wait for the next chapter maaybe people at the house will start to notice the hickeys and there'll be some drama Cant wait for the next chapter :)
8/18/2010 c17 1do not click
Whoa, thats dirty and very graphic, haha. but otherwise god :)
8/18/2010 c17 1Jevanminx
Just so darn cute together.

8/9/2010 c16 vampire heartz
There finnaly 2gether yes !
8/9/2010 c16 Jevanminx
It was alright, some funny bits, and they got together which is cute.

8/9/2010 c16 1do not click
yaay they like eachother! haha everyones getting it on with one another, good! keep going there :)
8/8/2010 c15 Vampire heartz
This a great story and I love the way terik is I think he's a good guy and I wish had friends tht we're exactly like vice and them buh not over protective like and doest she get all hormonal if she lives with hot guys I would buh I'm 13 any way can't wait for the next chapter :)!
8/8/2010 c15 do not click
besides the ocasional grammer and spelling mistakes i love it! i was awake half the night reading it, i nealry missed working this morining becasue of it! this story is so good i actually showed up to work looking like crap, so your story is worth it! kep it up!
8/7/2010 c15 1Jevanminx
I don't quite know what to make of her cousin yet. Was Terrick chucking things because of what had happened to Ronny then, cause that'd be sweet, hehehehe.

8/6/2010 c14 Jevanminx
Aw, he was so sweet about it all.

7/22/2010 c11 mehinator
why don't u just have vice kiss ronny already and then she'll be all confused and then he asks her to go to a dance with him even though reggie is her bf
7/6/2010 c9 1pandakim
aw, she keeps running away from her prob. lol she runs before vice can say anything ahah nice :]
7/2/2010 c8 pandakim
aw, y wont she tell them about wats happened and stuff...? she can trust them, right? they're like brothers and sisters...? ahah well this is good, cant wait til next chap.
6/19/2010 c7 pandakim
aha aha lol i wish i had a friend like Justin. He seems pretty kewl. And he gets us, when were sad or depressed, the nest way to cure; chocolate or ice cream or both! ahaha. Keep rockin' and i cant wait til next chap.

-pandakim :]
6/19/2010 c5 pandakim
aw that's messed up. Her child saved her, and she yells at her to get out? WTH!

ahaha, this is a good chap.

-pandakim :]
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