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for Black Lagoon

6/12/2010 c2 8Kobra Kid
All of your characters are soo great! My favorite is Segihara, but then there's Sid and I get really confused about which one I like better. xD. I loved it when Sid said "I vote the vampires check." That just made my day! :3.

Oh no! No one can die! No one! :(. If ANY of them die, I'm coming after you and ordering you to rewrite it! D:. Haha, anyways great chapter! Update soon!

~B. Cross

P.S. Could you please payback via RFTA? :]
5/26/2010 c1 Kobra Kid
Oh wow, this was a great introduction! :). I really love all of your characters! AND THANK GOD SEGIHARA IS STILL ALIVE! Update soon please! :). I wanna know what happens with this murky black lagoon!

-B. Cross

P.S. Can you payback via RFTA? You don't have to immediately, but you know. :)

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