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for The diary of a teenage slut

9/12/2015 c1 thickbigcock
god you are such a whore . it would be better if you fucked the whole town. slutty bitch. you should never ever write anythng . pathetic creature .
12/23/2014 c1 ioiughliu
this is...?
12/23/2012 c1 Guest
Go get him back...
6/2/2010 c1 11ThePurpleRazorWolf

this hits so close to home

its scary o.o
6/1/2010 c1 1WhoLovesYou
Hi, I'm waiting for the new chapter :D

6/1/2010 c1 Silfer
It's good (:
6/1/2010 c1 Me
How exactly does anything that happened in this "diary" make you a slut? I don't get it. It's not like you actually DID anything with Nikko besides hang out at his house. No kissing, no sex. Seriously, teenagers need to learn what a "slut" is. There is nothing in this "diary" that implicates anybody being a slut.

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