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for The Search for Cinderella

7/1/2014 c5 Roana
Great story as always! I hope to see an update of this soon :))
10/29/2013 c5 3Purplekitten98
This is a really good story!
I really like your style of historical romances!
I hope you update soon because I can't wait to read on!
10/20/2013 c5 Guest
I love this story! You should definitely continue! I started reading your story Rejected on Wattpad but I came on this site to continue reading it. I love your writing style it's very unique! I think I might get an account on Ficion Press, it seams to have more stories on it than Wattpad. Please continue writing! TheHippieNextDoor (sorry that's my wattpad account name, but I didn't know what else to sign as)
5/23/2013 c5 4carifoo2001
3/13/2013 c5 Teen
Please keep writing, it's such an excellent start!
1/25/2013 c5 Guest
Um,okay u finished the last chapter of rejected (I was reading that story) so when will the next chapter come
1/19/2013 c5 twilightwinter
Love this story please keep writing it!
10/24/2012 c5 Natsreik
oh man! This is such a fantastic story! You Must post more quickly otherwise I fear I may go frantic with a crazed mind. I did indeed enjoy this story ever so much.
10/23/2012 c5 9Ms.Julia
can't wait to read what comes next! :) please update soon
9/22/2012 c5 bas
okay i really love this story and how its a plot twist of ciderella but there is not many out there and i just love this story socan u please update? i know it is hard with a job a social life or school if you still attend but can u please update or give us a plot summary? i really want to know how it ends
8/23/2012 c5 bas
Hey, do you remember this story? Ive been waiting for like forever to Luke and Jade to get together. ive been waiting so long that iwas tempted to write an endng for myself and just sigh in satisfaction. so plz continue coz my writing and plot is crap unlike urs. :D
6/21/2012 c5 AbbeyXD
Hope you update soon! Can't wait for more :)
6/20/2012 c5 4theblacksheepinme
King damian, as in rejected's prince damian, right?

I love your stories and the way you write! Srly, when i saw you've updated, i was like"yeeeees!"
6/20/2012 c5 6Molkchan
Great chapter! :D
4/20/2012 c4 4theblacksheepinme
yeeees! YOU UPDATED!
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