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for The Search for Cinderella

10/10/2020 c25 Guest
Omggggg whatsger weaknessss. Her father? The fact that she’s a girl? What does the witch know
10/10/2020 c24 Guest
Fantastic! Love the action!
10/10/2020 c24 Guest
I was in a bad mood until I saw your update. Thank you for that. It was wonderful as always. Oh my God, I am screaming inside (happy screaming I assure you). I can't wait for the next update. Please update soon!
Stay safe :)
10/9/2020 c24 Guest
Okay what the helll does he know she’s a girl ?
10/7/2020 c1 Annabelle
Shall I just add two more. I don’t want to be stuck at 88
10/7/2020 c23 Annabelle
But I guess it is a little refreshing to finally have a sister princess who isn’t a perfect angel and pure of heart. Which reminds me, I don’t know how I feel about jade thinking it beneath herself to marry a merchant. But then if she did and that was an option she wouldn’t be the secretary. Oh dear oh dear. What a conundrum.
10/7/2020 c22 Annabelle
I low key don’t like the princess
10/7/2020 c21 Annabelle
10/7/2020 c20 Annabelle
Save her hmph. I hope he’s old and married.
10/7/2020 c19 Annabelle
How on earth did permelia not realise its jade
10/7/2020 c18 Annabelle
Also I don’t understand how is Luke gonna realise she’s girl and really beautiful and fall in love with her if all of her hair is gone and there’s no Rapunzel let your hair down moment. Okay sorry for the rant. It’s your story. I’m sure wherever it goes I will follow
10/7/2020 c17 Annabelle
How could luke do this honestly. I’m hurt. Have jade pummelled for the sake of finding a girl he barely knows. I hope he’s appropriately contrite when he finds out what he did.
10/7/2020 c16 Annabelle
Ufff I’m almost as invested in Emma and Edward as I am in like and jade
10/7/2020 c15 Annabelle
No no no. No hair cutting. I cry
10/7/2020 c14 Annabelle
I’m honestly surprised no ones found out. Or maybe Luke’s known all along.
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