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for The Search for Cinderella

10/7/2020 c13 Annabelle
I just wish they were completed because the wait is just so difficult. Not to mention the risk abandoned stories and never getting closer * Shudders*
10/7/2020 c12 Annabelle
I’ve read all a of your stories by the way. And they’re alll great.
10/7/2020 c11 Annabelle
Also my name isn’t Annabelle :)
10/7/2020 c10 Annabelle
I could try if that’s what authors want. If they even read these. But for the most part I wouldn’t even review a story if I’d still either really like it or really hate it. I feel like the extremes warrant speaking up.
10/7/2020 c9 Annabelle
I’m wondering tho. If you even want reviews like mine that don’t really convey much beyond the fact that I’m here and I’m reading it. Like idk if you’re looking for constructive criticism or what.
10/7/2020 c8 Annabelle
And this story is my current favourite escape
10/7/2020 c7 Annabelle
I don’t write much but reading is my favourite form of escapism .
10/7/2020 c6 Annabelle
It’s just so easy to read. Everything flows so well.
10/7/2020 c5 Annabelle
10/7/2020 c4 Annabelle
So here I am trying to rectify that. Your resident slightly Good Samaritan
10/7/2020 c3 Annabelle
I actually read it all in one go but I feel bad that something so well written has such few reviews
10/7/2020 c2 Annabelle
Honestly so glad I found this story.
10/7/2020 c1 Annabelle
I’m hooked.
10/6/2020 c23 Guest
A literal cliff. Love it. I’m so glad I found this story again. Can’t wait to read more. Also super curious how the prince is gonna fall in love with jade if at all since her identity as a girl has been left out entirely by our prince.
10/5/2020 c23 Guest
Great update! I love this long chapter and I’m loving that princess! She should be Queen for sure! It’s getting exciting!
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