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6/23/2010 c2 1Raiya-shi
YAY! chapter 2 (well one really but fp says 2 and you say one cause the one before was a prologue... I digress) sorry it took so long for me to review this chapter! I didn't lose interest or anything, in fact I am so much MORE interested with the story now and can't wait (but shall have to) for the next chapter . . I'll tide myself through the wait for the next chapter by speculating . Still really want to know what happens next...

I like where Cass's 'power' thing is going too *squeas* Can't wait for more development! Also, I did notice the whole we're cousin's (used to be close when they were younger) but I'm going to call you 'little brother' Almost went back to check if I got the relations wrong or something but realized it was probably part of the story/character of Leander (maybe because they were close as kids he says that, or maybe they are half brother's as well as cousins... like the mom married one brother first divorced or the guy died and then married the other or something or maybe it was the father? Dunno interesting...another thing to wait to figure out...)

Thanks for the preview for Thin floors btw... =D muchly appreciated and funny ^-^ I shall be awaiting an update on that story as well... also Moonlight Sonata =D Sorry but I love your writing and your plots, don't mean to pressure just appreciate (I know that sometimes life gets in the way of updating and writers black and etc... so really no pressure I just love your stuff and hope you know it's awesome as well)... Well anyways this comment is turning out to be pretty long and I'm sure you have other things to do than read about a fangirl obsessing over your awesome stories so THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE STORY UPLOADS AND YOUR LATEST UPDATES! I shall be leaving now *waves* byes!~ ^(^-^),

*squeas and starts thinking about what will happen next*
6/9/2010 c1 Raiya-shi
W.O.O.H.O.O! New story!~ (the periods are there to stop fp from stealing the doubles because it hates any repeating of letters) =D As always awesome work, not much hap[end and yet I'm intrigued... Cass should have corrected Leander, but I'm sure it has something to do with the plot and etc, also was probably confused/curious and thus let him continue on that train of thought or something. Hopefully the result won't be to horrible... and Kevin (I believe that the last bit was him, right?) or whoever it was in the last part, freaked me out . Excited about the relation of the title to the story as well... Anyways thanks for the new story! Can't wait for more chapters in this and your old stories ^-^ Well, actually I can/will have to not because you won't up them but because I might not have internet on my trip... D= I need my internets and fiction x.x lol oh wells THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THE UP!

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