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11/4/2012 c1 30123456789098765432101
I am what I am...that is a great way to create a poem. The last line is especially awesome.
10/6/2012 c1 3AoideMythos
I like this poem, I can relate a lot to it! XD
8/30/2012 c1 1ComicGirl18
This is so sweet! I love it!
11/30/2011 c1 Cherry Blossom Slushy
This was adorable, and I feel like I really got to know you much better through your poetry!
11/24/2011 c1 6dharney-barney
awww i like your poems hhaha
11/14/2011 c1 5Your-Cold-Hearted-Ex-Lover
I love it . Not many people express who they tuly our anymore . :)
6/10/2010 c1 6theRaven'sDesk
Wow Demon, I love it. Take that Provonsha! You can write poety! I like the fact that it doesn't rhyme. And you thought you couldn't write. Psh, good job.

I miss you! Have a fun summer! Don't Die!

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