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6/9/2011 c17 CutieSOS
It was good.

cant wait for more.

keep up the good work.
6/9/2011 c17 5Chris Rhyanne
YAY ROYCE. :D Oh, and poor Quaid. I'm very glad she's alright, though.

Quaid's sisters amuse me. Even if their roles are steryotypical, they have their own distinct personalities that keep them from being annoying.

Update soon! w
6/9/2011 c17 1Charlee Rayne
poor quad!
6/9/2011 c17 9StarryNyx
Gah! Cliffhangers! Why, oh why do you do that to me?

:) This is fantastic, by the way. I still get a smirk on my face when I read the interactions between Royce and Quaid, so it means I'm still hooked. And "almost" concern, huh? I think it was real, but that's just me. Poor Luka. Don't make too terrible things happen to him; even though he's on Royce's side, I like him. And it may be just me...but Quaid's definitely changing. I can see it. And I LOVE it. Hehe.

I can't get enough of this; update soon!
6/9/2011 c17 2muchreading
Sounds like things are going to get exciting! Hope Quaid and Royce get together - they seem to be developing feelings for each other. I like this story and the character development, especially Royce, are interesting. I was hooked on this story from the first and can't wait to see how all of it plays out. Update when you can.
6/8/2011 c16 2d12e8k6
I'm never going to get tired of this story! Keep up the good work!
6/8/2011 c16 9StarryNyx
Hmm. This is fascinating. I was a little confused because I hadn't read this story in awhile, so I had to go back and review some of the chapters about the characters. But it wasn't too difficult to do, and I found myself back on track pretty quickly.

Oh man. Trouble's stirring up, isn't it? Ack. Even though Royce is a demon, I don't want him getting into a big mess. Why is it that when the bad guy is hot and sweet and perfect, you fall in love? :P You deserve every single one of those 160 (now 161) reviews, because I'm always impressed with your writing skills. I do enjoy how your descriptions make the story very easy to picture in my mind. Those are sometimes tricky to do, so I give you props for that. I'm curious as to what's happening with Quaid and Royce, so update soon if you can!

I'm off to college soon too, so best of luck!
6/4/2011 c16 CutieSOS
I really like this story but theres not alot of interaction between Q and Royce. So i dont really know how romance comes in.

But i still really like your story.

So keep up the good work. Cant wait for more.
6/3/2011 c16 9Binkybaby
6/1/2011 c16 4Aspiemor
Glad to see this back. I still think this is a good story. A little departure from the normal storyline but it is good to see more of the demons and their sides. Sometimes I feel it is good to break away a bit to focus on other characters. So long as they pertain to the story. I think these do. Well Ihope you update this soon. Especially Siphoned dimentia.
6/1/2011 c16 6Carmel March
This story is fantastic. Your writing style is great, flow-y, descriptive, and just a joy to read. I cannot wait for more of this!

6/1/2011 c16 devs
The plot thickens!
5/15/2011 c15 2EternalSKIES 03
So far, I love love love where this is going! And bravo on creating Royce! He's a unique character with lots of mysteries.

Anyway i can't help but wonder if the two will end up together! They make a cute couple for sure. And if they do, well this is going to be a hell of a forbidden love story!

Please update! I can't seem to get enough of it! :D
5/7/2011 c15 9Binkybaby
4/5/2011 c15 Xandrea
This was a great chapter. He saved her. Can't wait to see what happens next. :)
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