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3/22/2011 c15 8DorkExpress
Oh my goodness!

this is so intense!

post up a new chapter PLEASE?

3/20/2011 c15 4Aspiemor
Ah I remember this chapter from the first draft. Well it plays out almost similar but has some diffeerences. At least to me the whole search into the mind wasn't so elaborate as before. Still it is good and it makes it simpler sometimes. I can tell Royce does care for her, more than just a soul exchange.
3/19/2011 c15 5Darkfairy102
Awesome chappie!

3/17/2011 c15 Broken Memories
This is one of the best FictionPress stories I've ever read. I hope we all have a Louise inside us somewhere. Royce has got to be the most interesting demon I've ever read. You want to kill him, hug him, and cower before him all at once. Update!
3/16/2011 c15 RitaHouston
i luv this,and the chapters are cumin quick ya
3/16/2011 c15 5Chris Rhyanne
Yay! I remember this chapter-it was one of the last before you stopped last time. D': (But I'm very glad that you're re-writing it ;P)

It's interesting to see the inside of Quaid's subconcious mind. It wonder why her mind takes on such a depressing and deceptively peaceful appearance, especially since it contrasts so much with "Little Quaid"...

And, as always, seeing inside of Royce's thoughts is nice. I think he's growing fond of Quaid, although not in a romantic way. I think she's a kind of well-needed companion and stress relief after so many years of being either alone or with friends like Luka who, bless his little black heart, can't quite understand the kind of situation he's going through. But like a typical boy, he doesn't understand what he feels towards her yet, and is currently perfectly happy teasing her and making her life generally miserable; anything it takes to keep her focused on him. Yeah... He seems like the jealous type, and I pity the fool who tries to get close to Quaid even at this point. :3

...Of course, I could be totally overthinking this and making it way more complex than necassary, but it's what I'd like to think, anyway! xD Thank you for the lovely update so soon after the last-we must do this more often, darling. ;)
3/16/2011 c15 2muchreading
Love the update. Quaid's mind is a surprise. Hope he treats her beter and maybe, just maybe, CK feels a little for her. Thanks for the update.
3/16/2011 c15 11KT-ImmortalIncarnate
Ah, and I think this is about where you stopped last time? Oh well, this is written well, though there are a couple mistakes.

The very first line, ;one that baffled" should be ;one that has baffled" because without the has, it is confusing and doesn't make sense.

I like Loiuse... I want to... HUG HER! xD

3/16/2011 c15 Guest
YAY! I am glad you were able to update. I thought the intricacies of Quaid's mind was very interesting. You can tell from this chapter that Royce really does care about her just from the way he reacted to everything in her mind. I can't wait till your next update, till then ta-ta. :)
3/16/2011 c15 9StarryNyx
Ooh, what a fascinating chapter. I love the detail of inside Quaid's mind; I'm not quite sure what it means yet, but I know there's an explanation somehow. And Louise just cracks me up..."pinky." That must drive Royce absolutely nuts, but I sure got a kick out of it. See, see, I knew he wasn't all bad. I love him to death...literally :P The intricacy of your story is amazing, and I really enjoy finding out new things about the characters. I wonder how Quaid's going to react when she realizes he actually did save her life. Maybe they'll be a little nicer to each other? Who knows! Only you do, my dear, so keep it up! :)
3/14/2011 c10 8Annalynn Roe
love the story, although i have to stop for now

Candy King is hilarious, and for some reason when I picture him, it's as the Mad Hatter in the new Alice in Wonderland movie, seems close enough.

Keep writing, again, it's an awesome story.
3/6/2011 c14 1Mandy40
Awesome, awesome chappie.I think your most well written one yet.
3/4/2011 c14 9StarryNyx
Jeepers creepers, your writing scares me sometimes. It's so gosh-darn powerful that it has me shaking in my seat. And I can't believe how elaborate you can get in your stories...I never would have been able to come up with all this detail and background story. The whole demon-possessing-McLey thing freaked me out to bits, but I loved it. And I knew there was a reason I always liked Royce...maybe he's not as bad as we all thought? Ahh, I need to know! Add more soon? And feel better :)
3/3/2011 c14 xofallenangelxx
Awesome! Update soon!
3/2/2011 c14 6Missing Information
Oh wow, that is super awesome cool fun times right there. I liked Luka in this chapter. I hope your high school stuff is going well, I know I'm dealing with tests as well. not fun. Hope you update soon :D
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