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12/25/2010 c2 5Lollipop Flaved Raze
Before I begin regaling your epicness, here is a mistake~ ;w;

""It is," her responded shortly."

That's close to the beginning of the chapter~ It's small, but y'know, I had to xD It's the small things that always stick out O:

And again, awesome! I really like Jemin~ His bluntness is terribly amusing, and YES plot advancement! D I kind of hope that Mayella isn't the last woman he was talking about though; she seems a bit old o-o Ahem. Uh, how old is she anyway? xDD lul.

And Emon is so sweet ;o; Poor little sheltered boy~
12/25/2010 c1 Lollipop Flaved Raze
o-o Woah. It's kind of sad, but you writing that epically surprises me; most of the other stories I've read on here so far have well...been lacking; you have not only blown them out of the water but stomped on them once they landed :D This is AWESOME. I'm eagerly awaiting some elucidation on the backstory of this, though as well, you've made me terribly curious~ x3

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