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6/8/2011 c20 Ck90
I had a feeling that she was mateos mate. Seems fitting a woman who will not make it easy for him. I feel very bad for the king! Did Shayla feel when Lucian was hurt?

6/8/2011 c20 DNAstar
yay you updated kool chapter, question do the elements only have power for power balls? or do they have other abilities also?
6/8/2011 c20 Letyne
Thanks for this new chapter ^^
6/6/2011 c19 DNAstar
kool love the story poor Tamara, and the Queen what a bitch, she has a mate but goes to other men, though i guess not all mates can happy anyway i hope you update soon
6/3/2011 c2 K
What the hell was going through her mind when she shouted that? Did she think that the dragon came specifically to steal someone? What if he didn't want her? That doesn't make any sense, what if the dragon just came to burn things, or the dragon didn't speak english? Then there wouldn't have been a point to her outburst! I admit that was brave, but also very stupid. But I still like this story so far. Very few gramar errors, combined with a unique plot and very few clitché moments this is overall a nice story so far.
5/30/2011 c19 1violet-eyez
what's going to happen?
5/28/2011 c19 Fantasy's Dreamer
oh man kato was really messed up for hitting his mate and sadly i'm addicted so please update soon!
5/27/2011 c19 fullybooked
OMG!OMG! What happens next?
5/25/2011 c19 4Ck90
NOOOOO! I want Shayla to display her awesome power and save her mate!

thank you for updating!
5/24/2011 c19 Letyne
Thank you ^^
5/24/2011 c19 mihaela
realy good thank you for the update
5/23/2011 c19 JBrooke
It's been so long that I've kind of forgotten about this story... But the update was action and drama packed and great. Can't wait for the next update!
4/28/2011 c8 JBrooke
I like this story a lot so far and cannot wait to read more of it :)
4/2/2011 c18 fullybooked
I think I know who his mate but I won't say anything for those people who hate spoilers!
3/31/2011 c18 midnightdream5
hmm... im thinking Mateo's mate may be Brittany? :)

Update soon!

Kat x
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