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for Moonlight

6/27/2010 c1 10Burrowing Owl
This made me smile. It makes me want to take that chance. Thumbs up from me!
6/22/2010 c1 7A.J Scarlet
Aw it was so cute. It made me a little sad for personal reasons but that aside it was cute. lol. Not bad.
6/22/2010 c1 67Samurai-Soldier
First, I gotta say, I loved the flow of this one, it seemed more thought out and natural. The imagery and feel was beautiful, very magical and romantic. the best part of this song is just the feel and message it flaunts brilliantly. Great job on this song, by far one of your best. Peace
6/22/2010 c1 blisteringheat
OMG... i loved it! its so cute!
6/22/2010 c1 1k+Faithless Juliet
I liked the strong sense of connection that you show between these two, you can feel and understand the strength of them needing each other and so on. The only thing that I didn't like was you break of "verse one, verse two" I didn't think it was needed and it threw me off while reading. Keep up the good work.

Much love,


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