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for I Want To Know What Love Is

5/1/2011 c1 5lukas10
WOW! that was unexpected!

but i luv it!

it kind of creped me out but still amazing :P

4/27/2011 c1 3Fatimajaan88
I loved this! Great ending! Just shows a guys true nature...yet we still love them :)
3/19/2011 c1 Lover I Don't Have To Love
Whoa she turned into Bryan or am I missing something? You should do a follow up, I want to know if she went back to the wizard dude.

It's really good though, and I was not expecting that at all.
12/26/2010 c1 9The Golden Orchid
that was so unexpected! but men will be men haha
11/29/2010 c1 ebs12
was pretty sure it would either be a replica or just another guy. like the idea
7/18/2010 c1 2reliving the future
I totally didn't expect that. It's a cute story and I'm suprised it hasn't gotten more reviews.

One thing I'm not sure about is the rating, it doesn't contain any graphic or adult themes so you might consider lowering it. Check with someone else first though I'm not 100% on ratings.
7/2/2010 c1 8CrazyCowgirl101
The CAPSLOCKED words are changes that i would make, or should be made. I hope im goign about this correctly . . . if not let me know!

Ok. Just a little grammer error id like to point out: line . . . 6. It should be "the loving, playful man [man sounds better than guy, to me] he HAD BEEN when we first . . .". Its just a tense thing. Little thing. lol. i thought i should point that out.

2. Line 7. i think you should add on to that sentence and say something like " . . . i was willing to do ALMOST anything i could think of to GET HIM TO_". And you can fill in the blank.

Definitly did not see that coming xD hahaa. Good job :) I hope this helped you :)
6/24/2010 c1 12elisefey
I knew it! Perfect twist to the ending.
6/23/2010 c1 Dude
Haha you told me it was a funny ending, but that was great. She wanted to be someone her boyfriend could love, apparently he only loves himself, reminds me of you know who =)

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