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for Sakamoto Gakuen meets Girl

6/9/2013 c21 1BrownEyedCutie99
This story is awesome! I just know that Aizawa will go to Kawai, asking how she is.
1/28/2013 c19 4InSaNeAngelsgottanAK47
Kya! Can't wait for update, it's a kawaii story!
8/6/2012 c18 5DayDreamer95
This is an interesting story you have here! Not to mention that I'm learning a bit of Japanese while reading this, ehehe. Anyway, I look forward to more, because I can't wait to see what's next!
8/17/2011 c14 want to be deleted dont use
ok getting good. keep it up. i want to see more chapters.
8/8/2011 c14 3raindrahp
Keep writing, please!

7/5/2011 c2 Intern dog
Great job! I like the cliff hanger... I will definitely keep reading!
12/26/2010 c12 setogirl2
yay it has been long since i read the story i had to read the hole thing again to remember lol

great job i love it so much so far i want to see more soon

btw sorry i`m using mobile that`s why i didn`t sign in to reviw
9/12/2010 c11 3Ivymax1234
Hope you update soon, blah blah blah.

Let me try to guess what happened to Kawai: One of her friends spread rumors and everyone "betrayed" her by not talking to her? Am I close?
9/12/2010 c8 Ivymax1234
'Friends?' Kawai thought, 'Are we friends? We are, we must be. He treats be like they use to. So this means I can trust him, right? He was right when he said I look better with a different hairstyle.'

He treats ME like they USED to.
8/1/2010 c9 2Chika Hanabi
wow at the end it sounds like she's a stalker xD haha
7/27/2010 c5 1XanthousYoshi
Lol, I feel sorry for Aizawa! He seems like such a nice guy xD I also like the short chapters, it keeps me concentrated on the story instead of quitting halfway :) Keep writing!
7/25/2010 c8 7Setogirl2
wow great

looking forward to their date
7/23/2010 c7 2Chika Hanabi
haha I can't wait to see what you got for the next chapter! hope you update soon!
7/16/2010 c2 7Charming Dice
Normally, I try to give constructive criticism and such, but I don't see anything wrong with this. Solid writing. Then again, I'm not the best person to review a romance story.

This seems pretty interesting so far. There's lots of girls in all boy school (or vice versa) stories, so it'll all hang on how interesting the girl is.

Good stuff so far.
7/16/2010 c1 Charming Dice
Yup. Seems cliche. But that's not always bad. I'll read on and find out.
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