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for No More Will I Drop A Tear For You

5/29/2012 c1 K Malik
I really like this! I want to hear it being sung. Have you got a melody for it? :)
5/1/2011 c1 Majidah
Love the lyrics! :D Got to say, 'You won't find another girl like me, coz I'm beyond any dream, like speciality!' is my fav bit :D xx
3/16/2011 c1 Pigeon
My rap is better:

Booyaka, booyaka! Jungle is MASSIVE!

6/25/2010 c1 Fayzaaaaaaaaa
Taz wow dah was amazin! . i TRIED to read it like a song/rap lol buh i floppd :| .. buh seriously that was wikid luvd d chorus n d parts dah repeat about 'you've forgotten' ... keep it up :P

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