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3/14/2012 c3 Guest
What's a Lakh?

Lucifers angel 666(too lazy to login)
12/13/2011 c6 6MeAsIAm
Hmmm, why haven't I stumbled across this earlier? :D

Love the classification. seriously, love it.
12/13/2011 c5 MeAsIAm
Love it! Especially :"...when I was your age, we were so poor that we used to receive only half-an-egg for a meal. Only two clothes every year. Do you want that kind of life? That is what will happen if you waste three hours on a movie."

Just substitute the egg with a bicycle shared between 3 brothers. :D
7/26/2011 c1 2RuhFuh
Man, is this good or what! Geekworld be the shizz. Drinking-phinking, yeahhh, Indian mums got class. Update please!
5/10/2011 c10 58IzumiKaede
I haven't been on for AGES, how did IIT go? Oh I want to apply to Purdue too =D Your stuff brings out the nerd in me ;)
2/7/2011 c10 3HPRK08
LOVE this. I especially like how parallel parts of this story are to real life - like the price of onions? Classic :D

2/7/2011 c8 HPRK08
Haha funniest chapter! :D
2/6/2011 c10 6A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
Awesome chapter! Wow, its been a while since you updated eh? Loved the way the mom speaks, so stereotypical lol! 'drinking-phinking' made me crack up. Liked the last line too :)
2/6/2011 c10 Follow-The-Spiders
Haha, I have to say that, being an Indian myself, I'm really amused by the way you portrayed Indians. Especially over-achieving Indian mothers. It's all true. And I'm really happy that you updated!

By god, IIT is freaking hard really. Forget Princeton and MIT.

I like how you've portrayed your characters, it's really innovative and interesting.

However, I wish that you'd write longer chapters!

Good job. Keep it up.

PS. Weighing machines need to be dissolved. NOW.
2/6/2011 c10 Titir
I like.


Is this based on your real life? :P
2/5/2011 c1 5thefaultinourpatronus
I love how creative this is. There isn't any random Indian typical cliche in it. It's interesting as to see what you'll do with the limited word count, but I'd love to read more!

~review game, link on my profile~
12/29/2010 c8 2Anarchist Tuberose
Your writing gets better and better!
12/29/2010 c9 Anarchist Tuberose
12/21/2010 c1 DeadCooKie
This has to be one of the best pieces I've ever read around here! It's so real! I love the fact that you didn't resort to painting up the story with excessive 'indian cliches/stereotypes'. Most indian stories just make me wince with all the over-done indianess,especially when they pull put the exaggerated indian acent where W is substitued with V *shudder*

And I can so relate with so many situations in this story,especially the fb undercurrents and the way high-schoolers interact. You've pulled off the 'show, don't tell' rule perfectly as far as the characterization is concerned.

There's a bit of confusion with the names though, you mixed up Sahil with Sheil once in the sixth chapter, changed both their names in the seventh one and then gone back to Aparna and Sahil in the ninth; but apart from that, the story is oh so good!

I'm really looking forward to reading more.
12/16/2010 c9 6A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
Aw, Sahil is so cute! More please!
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