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4/26/2013 c7 oasion
12/11/2011 c16 Nelsonstudenthigh09
oh my goodness i couldnt stop reading this story im so upset that you couldnt continue this story if you do please let me know cause i would love to read what happens after they confess there love to each other lol :) please update :)
8/13/2011 c16 1bookADDICT6
I'm glad that they finally made up! I thought getting locked in the office was the plan, but I did have my doubts. I'm so, so, so happy that Willow and Jack are together. I'm dreading the end of the story, but I need the ending at the same time.
8/13/2011 c15 bookADDICT6
First of all, love the title of the chapter. I liked it better when all the drama was unfolding, the post-drama is terrible.
8/13/2011 c14 bookADDICT6
I just knew this chapter wouldn't end well. There was just way too many secrets in this group of friends' lives. Sigh, but it does make the drama fun to read.
8/13/2011 c13 bookADDICT6
Alec's family is just so connected. I would imagine Dana going crazy knowing that Roy had another kid. Although, this happened before he married her so it doesn't really matter. I'm happy that Willow found her father, but it's just so awkward knowing one of your friends is your half-brother.

The second half of the chapter is where all the action happens. The violent kind and sexual.
8/13/2011 c12 bookADDICT6
I'm happy that Willow finally left her bitch of a mother. I know Mani and Sylvie are more like parents to Willow than her own parents. Her dad is so sweet, he wanted to stay in touch with Willow. Her bitch of a mother just wouldn't let her get near him because she was hurt. Selfish!

I don't get how her mother turned into an alcholic when she was so happy before. But love can do many things to you.
8/13/2011 c11 bookADDICT6
Jack is just the sweetest guy ever! He acts like jerk, but he really does care about Willow. I've played paintball before, I did play laser tag. The bet was hilarious, I'd love to read about the boys getting some new piercings.

A happy chaper turned sour when they decided to go to Alec's place. Jack must really care for her if he's willing to beat up one of his best friends. Who's also her half-brother.
8/13/2011 c10 bookADDICT6
Hearing that Willow's father wasn't sure if he wanted to see her, that's got to kill. I would have died hearing that.

Oh god, that's a terrible flash back. Willow is being so wicked making Alec feel that way. I would have noticed something up though. Guess it makes sense because Alec suggested finding her father. What makes it worse is that Alec's lying!

This chapter definitely took a lot of turns. I'm so happy that Jack and Willow told each other that they like each other more than friends!
8/13/2011 c9 bookADDICT6
Damn, that message sure did kill the mood. But it did bring another surprise. I didn't even see that coming, but it would explain why Alec's the nicest one in the group.
8/13/2011 c8 bookADDICT6
Their relationship definitely sped up. I like Mani and the gang at the diner. To me, they resemble the ideal image of a loving family.
8/13/2011 c7 bookADDICT6
Caden is like a bigger brother figure for Willow. He likes to tease people, but he still acts friendly. I'm liking how things are going for Jack and Willow ;)
8/13/2011 c6 bookADDICT6
I just love how Jack and Willow are around each other. They bicker, fight, and flirt all at once. That Princeton guy is a freaking douche. Self-esteem so low that he's got to cheat and hurt others. Emotionally and physically.
8/13/2011 c5 bookADDICT6
Damn, everyone has family issues. I wished things would speed up between Willow and Jack. They're cute together because they argue a lot. They say opposites attract, but in this case so do like and like.
8/13/2011 c4 bookADDICT6
Jack can be a nice person, he just doesn't show it. Only little sisters bring out the best from jerk brothers.
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