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9/10/2014 c1 Hedonistic Opportunist
:D :D :D

- You deserve three grinning faces for just making your MC this fun and awkward. I love how deluded he is regarding his plans, and yet how he also acknowledges that he's well, awkward. He's very and loveable: a bit spazzy and easily distracted, but also clearly smart and full of spunk. I like that - he already seems very memorable, and that makes this chapter enjoyable, because he's not bland.

I liked his backstory, regarding him having been overweight and being overlooked. It makes sense why he wants to be seen so much now, and why he's so desperate (to the point of imitating disturbing internet trends/behaviours). I also liked the unexpected twist of him being bisexual: I am so used to characters who are in denial about their sexuality, so it was nice to see that he acknowledged it, even if he didn't want to be open about it. Still, cool concept.

I admit I think MySpace is a bit outdated, but I think this story is ...set in the mid 2000s? I remember MySpace being a huge thing then, so that's an interesting detail, I think :3
8/29/2014 c17 Guest
for some reason, im really interested on the dust x sasha pairing.. it would be mega awesome if you could write something about then, like how they got together or them going on a secret date or something
8/28/2014 c17 3Krimson Crusader
Loved it!
8/27/2014 c17 3Site-3
4 years later and a strong ending. thank you for finishing this. Picking up old stories without redoing them is hard but you did it! Congrats!
9/12/2011 c16 Averia
It would be really good if you do Ash's POV in next chapter or try to keep him in the story.
7/9/2011 c16 8deshaunwalker
I'm sad and my blanket is soggy from tears. Ash should've had one of those rebel moments and been all "fuck you mom. And fuck England too. I gots me a man to take care of." But nooooo. Wtf? But whatever. I miss the little guy already :( hope they work it out, and I have no doubts in Cloud. He's a good boy. Still wondering what Sasha said to him though... also hoping you update soon, and that Ash will somehow make a sexy appearance. Ugh. Effin hate parents these days. Why do they have to be so unreasonable?
5/18/2011 c16 2Jayn
Whoa! I feel so bad for them! I hope they get back together sooner rather than later. I want them to be happy. And it would be cool if their band made it too. :) Please update soon!
5/8/2011 c16 jayyluvr28
Why does Ash have to leave! I'm going to miss my little buddy. Finally there song got played on the radio. I read this story in 2 days and I know it's not over, but, Ash was so innocent. But in bed he's an animal, and I'm really starting to like Dust know. But update soon!
4/25/2011 c16 4Boosher
I just loved this chapter! It's so cool that their song is on the radio! Lol please update soon!
4/17/2011 c15 5Elira Winter
*cries* Long distance relationships never work! ;_;
4/13/2011 c15 Starlette420
:( Ash is leaving? This is sad. I hope Cloud figures something out...soon!

...Or...maybe not and then Dust and Cloud can get together. :D haha...I don't know why but they just seem like they would fit together.

Great add! Can't wait for more :)
4/13/2011 c15 Deadly Disaster
This story is way better than i thought it would be. I thought it was going to be mostly centered on apperencesince there scene and all, but i'm glad its not. I like where its going and how i cant predict the entire ending, i hate stories like that.
3/18/2011 c14 4Boosher
That was a great chapter! I'm interested to see where your taking it!
3/17/2011 c1 FanOfYourStory
Are we gonna see an update?

I really hope this one doesn't get discontinued - I check for an update every day :/
3/4/2011 c13 Boys3
Nyahh; update it, this is in my google chrome bookmarks bar :P
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