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4/3/2012 c33 1Voidpoint
This story made me cry. Loved it. Try OpenOffice to write on.
4/2/2012 c32 chocolate and banana
AMAZING! Haha, totally not what i expected and not your average romance story, but it was still great! I never read a book with the protagonist as a prositue and it was a unique change. I was rather confused at the begining as to why Gabriel was so drawn towards Stacy's character despite her background, so i thought an insight on Gaberiel's thought earlier on in the story would be really useful. Call me slow, but i thought you should have made it more obvious that his initial attraction to S. was the similarities she held to his first love. But one thing for sure, you should never stop writing! I only started reading this story as i was bored and picked out at random, but seeing how it's 4+am here now, and i am still writing a review shows how addictive and compelling this story was. Well done. :)
4/1/2012 c1 6ithinkyourgay
great story by the way, throughout the story it was blatantly clear that your writing improved. by the end, it had great depth and the characters had been well established and you came up with great ideas.
3/29/2012 c16 Foxi Blair
I've begun reading your story and I had to stop after chapter 16 and get some work done but I just wanted to say this is amazing! Great job! I hope you post more stories on ficpress!
3/22/2012 c17 Brie
This is a great story but I was confused about a few things. Like how did her family burial get in LA I thought they lived near Boston? And if she was studying law why would she need a lawyer to help her sign the film contracts? Just wondering. Maybe I missed some details.
3/21/2012 c32 DA-chen1
Wonderful end! Really amazing :-)

I loved the magical touch within your story.

3/21/2012 c24 DA-chen1
What the fuc...ing hell!

Oh my freaking god. . . how intense! :-(

Wow...no way, he believes her! Why?

Crazy sh..! Really... breathtaking!

3/20/2012 c10 DA-chen1
I really am shellshocked! :-) A little boy?

I thought you might add a challenge for El!

But this is interesting, too! Nice chapter!

3/20/2012 c32 Loves-a-lot
This story was amazing. it made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me hate each character all at one point in the story, which makes it perfect for me. you couldn't have done a better job. Thank you :)
3/20/2012 c32 1blackbirds fly
Wow, when I first started reading, I didn't expect much. I figured it might be the typical 'poor girl-rich boy' thing with a lot of sex (the description gave me that much,) but you really went over and above all expectations I held.

And yes, it was a poor girl-rich boy thing with a lot of sex, but the characters were all well rounded and unique. I especially liked Lucky and how he brought out Sahara's maternal side. And Stacey grew on me quickly, so of course there were tears at some parts, but I found myself laughing too. Plus the sex scenes were not tacky at all, if anything they were hot and added to the story.

Besides a few minor grammar errors, I thought it was overall a great story.
3/19/2012 c3 DA-chen1
Wow, I was wondering about his desire to her.

Why her and not me? ;-) I'm only kidding..

I like your story but i think he likes her too soon!

3/14/2012 c32 kokode
Dammit! Dammit all! Perfect drama/romance story! Greatest, ever! Haha! I'm still crying and snuffling while typing this. And a touch of Supernatural at the end! Ha! Who would've guessed that? Perfect! Just... perfect! d(^-^d)
3/6/2012 c32 Agnesita1385
Amazing! Please dont take this down! Everyone loves it... I mean, seriously, i'm not into fiction .. im more of a fanfiction girl but this caught my attention. And im freaking in love with it! Please dont! Yiou can publish this you know! It's worth publishing and its really a genious read... pretty please!

Great great story!
3/5/2012 c33 5Ruby.K
Amazing story. Totally balled my eyes out in the last chapter. It broke my heart, but it's such a great ending at the same time. Job well done. I think it should be published (;
3/5/2012 c31 7archangel2869
I'm really crying.

I think you know me after I stalked after you to facebook and I meant every word that I said about this. It's a breathtaking story. The characters are so alive. So real. The settings too. And Stacey will always be my favorite character.

Just one more thing. Whatever happened to Jason Smalls?
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