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for From Harvard to Whoredom

4/14/2013 c31 Guest
Oh my god. That was incredible. I was crying. That really touched me. You are a fantastic writer with real talent. Keep writing!
4/1/2013 c32 lunaMontez
Stockholm. O.o
3/30/2013 c32 x3bbyshortie
Amazing WRITER! Love this story! Was touching, emotional and raw! Great job
3/6/2013 c33 Btwn-the-lines
This beautiful. I can't a better adjective it was just perfect!
2/28/2013 c31 8DemonsAngel
I have an aunt who is short and a lesbian, she is fun and beautiful and spunky and crazy, and has saved me from many situations i would rather not be in. She was Stacy throughout this entire story, so in the end i cried both for the characters and for myself, because it was like i was losing my aunt and i think i broke a little inside (i really shouldn't read at 2 in the morning...)

I don't usually comment but i wanted to let you know this was beautiful . :3
2/26/2013 c1 Liona Darrian
Wow, superb story! I LOOOOOVVVVVEEED it! you are truly AWESOME:)
2/14/2013 c23 heathertricia
i hate chapter 23. It made me cry
2/13/2013 c33 B
I absolutely loved this! I thought it was incredible and it makes me sad that I couldn't buy it to be able to read over and over any time I wanted. But your insanely talented and I honestly think this is the best thing I've ever read! And what makes it better is that it's not the usual predictable love story. I'm so glad I found this and please don't stop writing!
2/13/2013 c1 heathertricia
this is gonna be interesting
2/2/2013 c32 MaziMe
This novel is absolutely AMAZING. Our hearts broke at the angsty parts, we laughed at the messings about and smart remarks... This story is just awesome! Great job!
1/14/2013 c32 5Arya Yamamoto
I really love it. Not loved but love, because even after finishing the happily ever-after, Gab, Sahara, Lucky... they're still so alive in my mind. Beautifully crafted chapters, and lovely characters, sprinkled with just the right amount of angst and bucket-loads of love and fluff; the ingredients for the perfect romance. I've not read something so potent in a long time. Hats off to you!
1/11/2013 c33 BurtonShredBetty
Loved your story! To be able to make the reader feel so many emotions and as if we are right amongst it goes to show how talented you are . Thank you for sharing this story c:
1/8/2013 c32 Kylie St. Regis
You really need to write another story! I can't tell you how many times I've read this one because its just that good!
1/7/2013 c33 tmarie113
Your story is amazing is one of the best i have ever read( and i have read a lot)book. It would really make an amazing book one day i hope you take writing up as a career in the future. :-)
1/4/2013 c31 Daily Beauty
OH MY GOSH! YOU SERIOSULY UGHH MADE ME CRY! That was such a heartbreaking ending! especially the part where stacy died. you... ugh! you're good. you're very good. more power to you and your writing skills!
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