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1/22/2011 c8 1Kruos
Definitely an interesting story, a bit more... I dunno, gritty? Than one might expect for the age group, and I like that. :P I'm looking forward to reading more.
1/21/2011 c1 starship8901
I liked Chapter One a lot. I hope I have time to read the rest soon because it's very interesting.
1/21/2011 c8 Jennie from the block
i loved this chapter :] so happy he's taking sakura. i think after joey and sakura that yusuke is my favorite character cuz he always makes me laugh :] i hope you update soon!
1/21/2011 c7 Jennie from the block
EW ayame is a hore i really hope joey asks sakura to the dance that would be so cute :]]
1/21/2011 c6 Jennie from the block
omg! i can't believe he stabbed akira. i was like jumping out of my seat cuz he DESERVED IT! oh and i'm so happy sakura broke up with him :]
1/21/2011 c5 Jennie from the block
im glad sakura apologized cuz she shouldnt have gotten angry at joey. i wonder what let the games begin means!
1/21/2011 c4 Jennie from the block
another amazing chapter tk!
1/21/2011 c3 Jennie from the block
Aw joey :[ i hate how everyone is mean to him and then he lost his moms note. i wonder who that girl is at the end i have a feeling shes important
1/21/2011 c2 Jennie from the block
Ahh the ending was pretty scary im gonna have nitemares about that spectre :X
1/20/2011 c1 22Melancholy Wanderer
Oh, My, Gosh... That was so good, I love it, and I've only read the first chapter.
1/20/2011 c1 13angellover254
Hello! Thank you for reading my high school life. I decided to give your book a try, the summary sounding very interesting. And wow this book is published! That great, maybe I'll see it at a bookstore one day...anyways I really like how you started out the story..now I'm wondering wht the dream really meant, and who is this spectre person...
1/20/2011 c1 feathersofheaven
wow i really like the story but so far ive only read the first chapter because i have lots of homework and test for school this is my exam year soo im kinda busy but really great work thanks for the revieuw by the way


1/19/2011 c8 31HeroofEnelios
Yusuke is the kind of friend that is easy to get along with, who pesters one about a friendship with a girl. It's quite funny actually. Meh heh... so Joey did it then? He's taking her to the dance? Good for him. An excellent chapter like always and I can't wait for the next chapter!
1/19/2011 c7 HeroofEnelios
There is a dance coming up? I think I know who Joey should take with him to that dance. It starts with an S. Ends in an A. Ah never mind. Another wonderfully written chapter, your amazing at this!
1/19/2011 c6 HeroofEnelios
This Spectre is causing a lot of problems for Joey, and I don't think they are helping him at all. And Akira is not helping matters at all. The guy needs to shut up. Great, great chapter!
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