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for I'll be free from you

10/23/2016 c12 The Nightwalker
Nooooooooo! DO NOT LEAVE ME ON THIS CLIFFHANGER! Please, just write. I'm begging you. This is one of your greatest stories (and I've read almost every single one) I did not just spend all night reading this, just to have it end like this. I really like Matt, he's my favorite character. Since I am a sadist, I love seeing him in pain. Shame on me, lol. BUT PLZ WRITE! I WANNA KNOW SO BADLY!

Hope this review made you feel like writing this ;)
3/29/2015 c12 Breaking hearts
Wow i like this story. Its and interesting concept.
3/24/2015 c1 GlitterIsTheCure
Damn, this kid can't catch a mf break
3/23/2015 c12 Guest
I just finished reading it all. I'm a pretty slow reader. I can tell your writing really changed. But don't worry, it's for the better for sure.
3/23/2015 c1 Guest
I thought you had posted a new story. I was really shocked to see how long it went on. I've never read it before. But it seems good so far.
3/21/2015 c12 30alatum Cloud
Well, it is pretty sadisty. Hmm..that's not a word. But what ever. Matt's name is really cool. It rolls right off the tongue. You know, I like that phrase. Also, I realized how stupid I am. I just spelled phrase, but at first I put fraze. I'm not sure what that means. I'm curious about Micheal's past. But I know you'll get around to writing it. Heck, you probably already have. I hope people take a liking to this story, like I have. But by now you have some pretty faithful readers. I'm sure now you'll get the reviews you deserve. But don't worry. Even if this story doesn't get reviews (which it already has, and not by me, I might add!) that doesn't mean people don't like it...hmm...
3/21/2015 c12 True Talker
I want for Michael and Matt to be okay. Where is Jade does Matt see her again? Could she be one who saves them?
3/21/2015 c11 Belle
I just had to review again. Not only is this story one of the best I've ever read (and I mean it) I just also had to express my anger. Like I said, I can read this story any time I want, but for other people, they're just going to be constantly wondering what happens. Also, internet Matt and friends will be stuck on forever hiatus. Matt's been sitting there for a long time. Plus, Kane will be constantly on his journey to retrieve Micheal. So...I wish internet them good luck. Heck, maybe it'll be like what we say with X. They'll just be like, "Hey, wanna go out and eat?" Then they will keep living forever in between the lines. But whatever. I'm just a little sad. I'm sorry this story wasn't liked enough for you to continue it online. I'm just so happy that you're still writing it in that note book. Thinking about it, you've been writing this story for ages! I can't wait until one day we both finish it, and then it will be a happy memory. But then again, if I was you, I would have trouble bringing this story to a close. You probably ( I know for a fact) love this story more than I do. Oh well. Even if this story goes on forever ( I hope that it will, like you know what!) I won't mind. Back to the earlier topic, I was so shocked when I went to click the next chapter, and then the next button wasn't there. I swear I had BSOD stamped on my face. Anyway (It's okay to say anyway once in a while. In fact, I haven't said is this whole message) I love you. PS: I realize that I like to use parenthesis a lot in my reviews. I also noticed that you don't talk halfway through your stories anymore. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Finally, please don't ever give up on this story. It truly is a master piece (and I'm not kust saying that) Bye, Bye!
3/21/2015 c11 alatum Cloud
Poor all of your characters! Can't they just have a dang break? I would hate my life so much if I was single one of them. Don't be annoyed by this, but I seriously was about to put anyway again. Sorry. Also, your story really plays my heart strings. I really feel their emotions, and it also makes me want to write a story. Not about slaves, though. Just any general story, actually. Maybe I just want to write at all. But back to your story. I know I've said it, but I really like the setting of the story. Or at least the setting I imagine. I imagine every glowing, for some reason.
3/21/2015 c10 alatum Cloud
Wow, you weren't kidding when you said it was going to be a short chapter. But then again, I like to believe that I'm a fast reader, so it took even less time for me. Crap! I was about to put anyway, again! On a different note, I would like to apologize for not reading this story until now. Heck, I'm not even sure you know that I'm reading this story. Then again, I could tell you. But you are right. Reviews do build confidence, and I hope that you'll keep posting this story so the whole world can see. I mean, all I have to do is read the sequel (since it's a notebook right across the room) but not everyone has that chance. But even if I'm the only one who likes this story (and I know for a fact, that I'm not) I hope that's enough to have this stories' heart beat until the end.
3/21/2015 c9 alatum Cloud
Poor Matt. But I'm pretty sure it's illegal to steal slaves from other people. Well, maybe it isn't. I'm not really sure about the laws for this place. Anyway, you just have to torture people, don't you? I swear! You know what? I was just about to put the word anyway to transition my topic, but then realized that I do that too often. (No fooling. Like, just go back and reread all my reviews. I put anyway, religiously) I really need to find new words if I want to change the topic. (I also just said topic, twice. Well, now three times!) Anyway! Gale and Matt are very cute, and I can't wait to see more depth to their relationship. They got together pretty fast, and I like it. It's a nice change of pace. Also, true love is there since the start, so it would make sense that they would like each other now.
3/21/2015 c8 alatum Cloud
You sure do talk to the characters a lot. I wished I do that, that's so fun to read. It must be fun to make. I'm guessing that by the next chapter, his master will show up or something. Since you said it was going to be bad. I do like Micheal, but what you said at the end...hmm...you must have changed your mind later on. Anyway, you talk about the story a lot (whenever I can squeeze it out of you, (actually I'm sure you'd talk about it more, if you knew how much I liked it)) So I can't wait for the new characters to come. But from what you said..there is going to be a lot of new characters. I also liked the new character you introduced. As you can tell, I like a lot of stuff. Mostly it's the stuff you write. You're a very wonderful and creative person.
3/21/2015 c7 alatum Cloud
Wow, I loved this chapter. Of course, I like the other chapters as well. But before I was reviewing on your phone, but now I'm on the computer. Which is so much faster. For that, I am happy. Anyway, they are all very young, but I imagine them with deep voices. That's clearly a mistake on my part.
3/19/2015 c6 alatum Cloud
I'm so sorry you were flamed. I've never heard the term before. Anyway, I'm glad you didn't let it get to you. Heck, I love this story so much, I'm ignoring one of my favorite movies to read it. Second hand lions is the movie. Anyway, this story has cast me under its love spell.
3/19/2015 c5 alatum Cloud
I'm so glad they're getting out of there. Poor Matt was beat so much, it broke my heart. You had only showed one day, and there was so much beating. I really hope his new master is nicer. By the way, the plot to this story is very colorful and original. You always say your jealousof me, but I am wickedly jealous of you. I love this story from the bottom of my heart.
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