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11/27/2012 c11 Felrain
Creepy... But yes it was adorable! For some reason the image of such a thing is burned into my mind now _ and te authors notes... Funny :D
1/26/2011 c11 4Daphne.Claire
awesome story, please update soon!
11/26/2010 c11 hi
SO GOD. the whole thing. i cannot believe a high schooler wrote this.

but is this it? :(
11/6/2010 c10 2KieranKonoha
Oh yeah, I also wanted to tell you to stop bagging your writing skills out. You came up with a great story, and your able to put it together with no spelling or weird grammer mistakes (those are strangly common on this site), and I personally think it's awesome! XP BTW the name of the next chapter, wherever you got it from, is adorable, as of course is the content. =^_^=
11/6/2010 c11 KieranKonoha
OMG! If this was a tv shoow, or even better, an anime, then I would have made so many absolutely adorable amvs about it! Damn it, this chapter is so cute, it is such a pity that she didn't wake up while he was kissing her, then she could have become all embarrassed and started thinking he wasn't as good as she thought it was and he would have to try and make it up to her or something. Anyways, I just ramble on a bit when I read exiting stuff (Eragon! Naruto! Kyaa!) lol. Can't wait to read the next part! =^_^=
9/11/2010 c11 234235134
Hi! :) I'm your new reader... I'll admit that at first I wasn't going to read the story because there were a lot of paragraphs (he, he) but then there was something about the story that got my attention so I just kept on reading. So, first of all, I love this story. It's definitely worth staying up late to catch up and finish reading all the chapters. Second, I just want to go on about how your writing skill is so amazing, but it might annoy you. So I'll just simply say, you, ma'am, just made one of a few stories that was able to touch me and, as corny as it sounds, change something in me. I can completely relate to Joline's feelings and way of thinking. It helps a lot because it makes it easier for me to understand the story. So to end this awfully long review, I just want to say thank you for being an awesome author. :)

(Forgive me if this was badly written, I'm not very good at writing reviews. It makes me nervous.)
9/9/2010 c11 25Morine
How the hell is Lehman an artsy school?

Sorry, I read the A/N before the story. Now for the real review:

Woah- this chapter is in Roger's sexy point of view.

"Becoming aroused by her sleep talk was not good." – Apparently, once I sat up in bed and said "Hamburger," and then went back to sleep. I wonder if someone would be seduced by that? Hmm...

OH MAH GAH– "In that moment he dared, and pressed his mouth more firmly against hers, feeling their lips meld as their moist breaths mingled. He could taste her insides on his tongue."–THEY KISSED, AND SHE WAS SLEEPING. FEIPRUWFVIWPUEHNFVPNCPEWNRFNE-RWERWUI9NCNEOWNIRIW.

"He could taste her insides on his tongue." – Oh wow, Mollie.

Okay, forget what I said about previous chapters. This chapter was awesome. This chapter was effing awesome.

And I'm squeeing on the inside right now.

9/7/2010 c11 live.laugh.brenda
I have to tell you that this is my favorite chapter yet!

You should do more chapters like this one!

Update soon!
9/6/2010 c11 2ZaraRose.16
All I have to is, next time..make sure she's awake! xD
9/5/2010 c11 8pattEcake

I love the line about insides. It made me smile. I think I shall quote that on a daily basis.

"Hey, Ellen, how are you?" *looks up creepily* "I can taste your insides on my tongue!"

"Did you do your homework?" "I can taste your insides on my tongue."

"You smell weird." "I can taste your insides on my tongue."

I legitimately want to use that in everyday life. I'm not being sarcastic at all. I really want to. FANTASTIC FIRST IMPRESSIONS, HERE I COME!

Now. I just made that line creepy/scary for everyone. ENJOY!
9/4/2010 c11 5Brandi Heir
"This was not fucking good."

i dont know what it is about that line but i love it :D

i really enjoyed your descriptions, not because there was a lot but because they were really clear and exciting in a new way.

update soon!
9/4/2010 c11 41chewychester
I love following this story. You are a wonderful writer. I don't like when you keep saying other people are better writers. I like your work! But I will check out the other stuff you want us to read. Please give us more of this though.
9/3/2010 c10 5Brandi Heir
i love your style of writing and how you manage to describe things without making it boring or out of place. i like the amount of time you seem to put into your characters to make them real and true to human nature instead of random.
9/3/2010 c10 41chewychester
OMG, I so loved this chapter. IT was so real and intense. I loved the part when Emily was possessive. I had that happen to me too. It was like this guy who was so caveman. Kiss me now kind of thing. Ugh, you wrote that out so perfectly. :P
9/3/2010 c10 The Creepy Creeper That Creeps
I started writing a review, but Dylan messed it all up.

I wrote something along the lines of: I want to turn into Roger so I can go to Jo's house and give her a big hug, but I'm not Roger and I cannot turn into him. Oh. Well.


"Emily appeared from behind his shoulder, looked past him at Jo, then grabbed his neck and pulled him into an open mouthed kiss. " - Ew.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. ROGER SCATTING. I don't know why, but I find that to be hilarious.

Aw, I love Sarah!

"where other boys would have their favorite Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, he had Lucille Ball and her bodaciously pouting lips."- I'm not going to lie, I find that to be a little creepy.

"Once I asked why she was so upset at me and she threw a tampon in my face. "- That's a little disturbing, not gonna lie.

Oh snap, oh snap, oh snap.

Something is going to happen, and I just can't wait.
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