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7/17/2010 c1 1revolutionary123
I like this story so far, you've got a good start. update soon
7/15/2010 c1 Wendy Thompson135th
Watch out for homophones, words that sound alike but have different meanings: Who's/whose. Who's is the contraction of who is or who has, and this is what you should use in this sentence'...it's Rosa whose done it, she always...' ~~Try replacing the whose with the phrase 'who has done it'. If that makes sense, who's is correct. ((Whose is the possessive interogatory pronoun; it's used in constructions like: Whose bicycle is this?)) ~~Furthr along, its/it's get confused. it is or it was ~~it's. It is coming/It's coming. It's coming here for its library book.

...always **relented** to her mother's will...& Winifred had arranged a very **docile** evening... I would suggest 'acquiesced' or 'yielded' for the first and 'decorous' or 'correct' for the second.

'...liked to push her cousin, Rosamund, down the stairs.' ~~The Reader already knows Rosamund is D's cousin. Either '...push Rosa down the strairs...' or '...push her cousin down the stairs...' is enough.

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