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I LOVE THIS FIC? THIS IS TWO OH ONE THREE I DONT EVEN KNOW IF YOU EVER READ YOUR COMMENTS BUT HELLO,I LOVE THIS FIC. i started reading from chapter 9 now i'm going back to one and reading :D
1/22/2013 c9 hi new reader
5/16/2011 c13 thevelveteenrabbit
i know i'm late on this but i loveeeee your story. i think it's adorable, and i'm obsessed with cesc so that's definitely a plus haha just letting you know even though you probably won't see this, it's definitely got me my muse back to finally write out my cesc story so thank you !
8/7/2010 c13 1skyfire146
Imagining Arsene Wenger yelling lemurs in the middle of a restaurant kept me very amused. :) Loved it. I hope to see you continue it cause it really is fun to read, but I get that you have your priorities. Good chapter!
8/1/2010 c13 3eamane
:o You updated so much! That makes you officially awesome k. But awh, now you're going to take a break? :( Thats okay, just dont forget about this story! :D

Like I've said before, I think this story is interesting. Very.

And Hadley is interesting.

Lemurs? LOL.

She should fight for her job back! If she goes to Liverpool... :o
7/30/2010 c2 30J.N. Lloyd
Poor Hadley! I would've hated to be in her position! I wonder if Michael is planning sabotage? Hm!Great chapter!
7/30/2010 c1 J.N. Lloyd
Very cute beginning! I'm surprised that more people have not reviewed! You have a very nice writing style, very good flow. Good chapter!
7/29/2010 c12 12scharlie18
Oh, trust me. I'm not going to complain if you want to update several times a week. Fine by me. :D
7/29/2010 c12 1skyfire146
So, I'm a big Arsenal fan and was very excited to read this story. When I saw the summary, I was like, "The Cesc Fabregas?" Needless to say, I was drawn in. :) I love how you just casually throw around names like Robin and Eduardo. This whole thing kinda makes me miss the old players like Freddie Ljungberg and Dennis Bergkamp. :) That was when I followed Arsenal the most.

So, getting to the actual story, I think that the romance is moving a bit too fast for me, but I still enjoy it. I love your characterization of Robin Van Persie. He's funny to read and also one of my favorite players. :)

And she can't go to Liverpool! :( Actually, I kind of like Steven Gerrard and at least it's not Man U or Chelsea. :p

Keep writing! I really enjoy it!
7/29/2010 c12 3Megsi
I really like this.

It's pretty well-written; I've noticed a few grammatical errors but nothing major so that's fine and your chapters are a bit short but you update enough, by the looks of it, that it doesn't really matter either.

The relationship between Cesc and Hadley is quite cute but it seems a bit unreal for them both to like each other so quickly. But, I guess there is no definite time frame of events mentioned and it's not entirely unbelievable.

The background with their ex's is quite interesting and I can't wait to see what happens next.
7/28/2010 c11 12scharlie18
Wishful thinking much? Lol. Not that I blame you. Cesc is hot. *drool*

I liked this chapter. And the last one. It's sad that she got fired, though. :(

But it's okay. She has Cesc. :D
7/25/2010 c9 scharlie18
Love. No hate here. All love. I love this.

God, I am such a hopeless romantic. *headslap*
7/25/2010 c9 theskywalkeris
Aw. Cesc is so adorable. Stalking Hadley like that. And love Robin in this chapter.
7/18/2010 c6 theskywalkeris
I saw Cesc Fabregas and I was like.. I have to read this. And the whole bus scene involving the other guys is so cute. Keep updating!
7/18/2010 c6 3eamane
This sounds really good so far! I'm reviewing mostly because the AN in the first chapter made me laugh :D

But your story really is interesting, and so far well-written. Update soon!

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