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for Being Me

12/3/2013 c12 PC
Heya! I really don't understand how this story has so little reviews. The narration is so witty and very REAL that I find myself identifying with the characters. Also, I'm a sucker for HS romances.

Hope you continue the story. Good job!
12/11/2012 c12 2renegade01
aww they need to make up already. i do worry about the direction phillipa's thoughts head especially when something goes wrong... can't wait for more ;)
9/9/2012 c11 Elle.Louise
Update should be soon, you said. The next chapter should be up early next week, you said :( I really hope you'll put up another chapter soon!
8/24/2012 c11 flunkybubbleshorts
Lol! That was definitely an awesome chapter. Can't wait for when Cody and Pippa finally have that long-overdue talk about why she needs to leave all the time. Her friends would be a gread support system if she let them :)
7/23/2012 c11 ooglemac
I love your style of writing! The plot has just kept getting better- I can't wait for your updates. :D :D
7/5/2012 c11 9The Girl Who Can
I really like your style. Somehow it brings a more realistic feel to the story and I actually feel like this could be something that someone actually think, because when Pippa's upset and exasperrated she seems to be more rushed in her words and that is actually how someone thinks when they're angry. Pippa herself feels real to me and I love the cute little moments between the characters because they make me laugh. I've been meaning to write a review on this for awhile and I've finally gotten to it. But I really enjoy this story :)
7/5/2012 c11 2renegade01
aww, cute ending. he can't stay mad at her for long. great chapter.

ooh a special little mention, you angel you ;)
7/5/2012 c11 Darling Deer
You know what I'm thinking? I think Pippa's dad is the Emily's biological father. I can't believe Cody's mom is cheating around when her husband's clearly in love with her. I love how this story is well written, so hard to find that these days.
Wish you luck! :)
6/26/2012 c10 3Megsi
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really love your writing. There's just something so honest and moving about it. You're handling these difficult storylines in such a real way and you've made all the characters really relatable. I love it. I really do.

I can't wait for Pippa and Cody to get together.
6/22/2012 c9 2renegade01
babies definitely bring you those feelings. i like Cody went to Pippa before going to the hospital. ;)
5/18/2012 c8 Weirderest
So glad you're updating. I love this story, it makes me feel things. Things are getting exciting, can't wait to find out more.
5/18/2012 c8 fallingformusic
Omg I'm in love with your story! I love Cody he's so cuuute! Haha please keep updating it's really good!
5/16/2012 c8 3Serenity G
another good chapter! :D
5/15/2012 c8 Bri
Exams are coming up and the part where she has to read notes over and over has never been so relevant to me as it is right now.

Okay, your updates always cheer me up, please update again soon?
5/11/2012 c8 ARulzz
Is Pippa's dad seeing Cody's mom? I hope not cuz tht would be horrible! Update. FAST!

Great story. GooD-LucK!
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