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for Friends Don't Let Friends Play for the Yankees

7/21/2012 c1 bubblygirl027
Hey I bought this book in itunes! : I think it's really worth it :D
5/21/2012 c1 10sportluvr
hey y isnt this up bc it sounds like it would be a great story! great rivalry so based on that alone u can create a good plot and funny start already i would read more for sure!
11/6/2011 c1 Macole

this was the first story I read on FP and I absolutely loved it.

So i'm curious as to why you removed it?

Thanks :)
10/23/2011 c21 1DofD
! That is how excited I am.
10/23/2011 c20 DofD
Grrrr! They belong together. their just to stupid to realize it.
10/22/2011 c19 DofD
Yeye for Keagen!
10/21/2011 c18 DofD
10/21/2011 c17 DofD
Stupid stupid boy.
10/21/2011 c16 DofD
Oh. My. God!
10/21/2011 c15 DofD
I want to slap Declan right now.
10/21/2011 c14 DofD
Now I want to kill him.
10/21/2011 c13 DofD
Finally. Now get rid of Kelly so they can have their happily ever after.
10/20/2011 c12 DofD
Declan is such a sweetie. Another amazing chapter.
10/19/2011 c11 DofD
So much Strain. And oddly enough, I don't hate Decker...
10/19/2011 c10 DofD
Uh oh.
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