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for Friends Don't Let Friends Play for the Yankees

3/8/2011 c21 4subtly.obvious
I really really like this! i didnt stop reading from the first chapter on. except to eat. not really good for my studying schedule, but its only the rest of my life tahts riding in these exems.. oh well. :p

sorry, this is really good! :D
2/23/2011 c21 7Faithfully Yours
Oh my gosh! This was amazing! Seriously! And I hate baseball. Especially the Yankees. :) But seriously, the love story was so cute and had such amazing build up. I even cried when Killy's dad died. It was just so sad! And I was so excited when Keagan proposed! You did an excellent job with your characters in other words. :) I'm so sad it's over!
2/6/2011 c21 3AJS
Read this because I saw it on Skow nominees (congrats, btw) and somehow found myself reading it even though I have a ton of schoolwork to catch up on. This story is so cute. The ending really was a long time coming. I kind of felt like it skipped really quickly through the Yankees' season though (or maybe I am just clueless when it comes to baseball and have no idea of the significance of game 5), but it seemed to me like Declan hadn't gotten any playing time at all and then suddenly they were winning the world series. A bit crazy though that he was considering dating again at the same time he was carrying around the ring for another girl.

Anyway though, really cute. Her dad dying was a bit unexpected - there weren't any signs of it at all! I also wonder what ever happened to Bryant - I mean yes, we know what happened to him, but it's amazing how you can just remove someone from your life like that so easily. They were still together for 4 years, which I think should have said something. And I thought that was weird that Bryant said Aubbrey and him were best friends when up until previously, they hadn't really seen each other in well... 4 years.

But anyway yea, very cute, quality story, and good luck with Skow!

- Alyssa
1/29/2011 c1 8castiel89
The title has me excited to read... I'm a Twins fan. And I absolutively posolutely DESPISE the Yankees...
1/22/2011 c21 2Daddy's Little Peach
I loved your story! Crap, i am so like Killian its not funny, jumping to conclusions, taking things out of context, saying nasty things out of spite...I'm hoping that means I'll have a Declan of my own one day!

But really, it was well written and believable :)

Mish xx
1/18/2011 c10 2andneveragain
I am surprised this story does not have more reviews in all honesty, it is well written and contains the right amount of chemistry. Declan and Killian's relationship is very well organized with the push and pull, the denial and the evasion, working well to create the proper feeling for your story. Only thing I can say is that Killian seems way to unaffected by her breakup...even if you realize you aren't in love with someone you would still likely be more affected than Killian was.

Seriously though, I really like this story and you have improved as the chapters have gone on. Writing in the first person can be tricky to write and read so kudos to you for making it work. Only thing I would suggest is a bit more development of the characters outside of Declan and Killian and their relationships to these supporting characters as it would help flesh the story out more.

All in all, really enjoy it!
1/17/2011 c21 30RockFan

"This is itchy. I think I'm allergic to it."

That line still cracks me up! I love it! And I can relate - I like I'd feel the same way if someone made me wear a (gulp) White Sox shirt (my stomach turns just thinking about it).

Outstanding story! I loved it! And hope you get some chapters posted from the other stories.
1/17/2011 c20 RockFan
I LOATHE Kelly. That's all I have to say about that.

I did like that Killian had a nice conversation with her mother. I think they've both needed that.

Also, Keagan's proposal was too sweet!

Off to read the next chapter - I gotta see what happens.
1/16/2011 c21 7Cori.Anne
Okay, so normally I'm not one for the drama, but I really enjoyed this story. Nice job!
1/14/2011 c21 Kelly Rogala
This was an excellent story! Great job! Sequel anyone?
1/13/2011 c21 6EmmaWoodhouse88
That was amazing! I loved how you tied it all up in the end. I think it was just so Killian. lol.
1/12/2011 c21 1checkyesdana
this was so cute, I adore best friends in love! you did a great job!
1/12/2011 c21 mihaela
great chapters
1/12/2011 c20 checkyesdana
you always have to throw that curve ball don't you?
1/12/2011 c19 checkyesdana
yay, things are working out, it seems =)
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