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for Friends Don't Let Friends Play for the Yankees

11/4/2010 c14 6EmmaWoodhouse88
That us so sad. Poor Killian. Poor Declan too. I hope everything works out soon. I can't wait to see what happensnext!
11/4/2010 c14 1checkyesdana
so sad =( fix them soon please!
10/26/2010 c13 RockFan
So I absolutely adore Keagan. He reminds me alot of RJ.

Of course, I love Declan, too. He has that cute, impish quality about him.

Can't wait for more.
10/26/2010 c12 RockFan
"I just don't think that this guy is right for you. I mean, his name is Eugene."

LMFAO! Best line ever!

Great chapter.
10/22/2010 c13 NateBran
Great updates! I love Killian and Declan... sigh. I can't wait for another update!
10/21/2010 c13 checkyesdana
yess double update and lots of tension between the lovebirds
10/21/2010 c12 checkyesdana
so intense and so cute. i love the Killian and Declan chemistry
10/21/2010 c13 chng234
declan n her shld jus be a couple n stop going in circles...
10/21/2010 c13 1Boston15
Excellent, as usual. Thanks for the updates. I was so excited to see two chapters. Keep up the great work.
10/15/2010 c11 Boston15
I'm pretty sure I'm in love with a fictional character and that's unhealthy. Declan and Killy need to get over themselves. Keagan is amazing and the parents are wonderful/insightful. This is an excellent story and I'm hanging off every word! Keep up the great work.
10/10/2010 c11 NateBran
Great story so far! I'm anxiously awaiting another chapter!
10/3/2010 c11 RockFan
This is such a great story. I wish more people would discover it and then they'd see what a fantastic piece of work this is. Your characters are well-developed (even the minor ones) and the storyline is awesome.

Can't wait to read more.
10/1/2010 c10 rockfan
I am the one who is terrible about reviewing! I guess because I'm so far ahead, I forget to come back and review. You know I absolutely love this story. It keeps me wondering what is going to happen next - I can't even fathom a guess.

Keep going!
9/30/2010 c10 chng234
it seems to me that decker is up to no good
9/30/2010 c10 6EmmaWoodhouse88
And there is a new person entering the story. I hope everything goes well. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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