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1/11/2012 c20 blueeyedfreakgirl
once i saw that you update, i jumped of my bed and started jumping up and down squealing like a little girl.

cayden is such a jerk, i care that she has a boyfriend and he isnt going to get her that easily.

i pissed myself when christian was like 'it means he is going to piss on you' please dont ever change him, i love him the way he is

update soon
1/11/2012 c9 cnnx
Ha!kevin hart is a comedians name
1/11/2012 c20 Just a bystander
Lovely chapter, I find Mera's quirkiness quite refreshing. I say you should do a spin-off on Susy and Jacob, their story would be interesting.
1/11/2012 c20 2MuffinsRoxSox
Awe. Those two are adorable together.

So what's going to happen with Christian and Jane?
1/11/2012 c20 1starlight91
Love the fluffs! Hahaha, what's high school without some drama? Jace and Mera are cute together! I definitely wouldn't mind reading a spin-off of Jane and Christian. They're interesting! Especially Christian :) So yeah, great job overall! Can't wait for the next chapter! P.S. I love the plot no matter how weird it might be. xD
1/11/2012 c19 ARulzz
I kind of already knew tht Jace wanted sth more 2 b with Mera when he refused 2 b her frnd. It's kinda cheesy, u know. But I SO LOVED it. U r totally cool. UPDATE! GooD LucK.
1/10/2012 c19 7AMessofPickles
Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I have finally come to the sad point where there are no more chapters for me to read XD.

But seriously this has been such an awesome story so far and I read the whole thing (so far) in one sitting and it has been great. I sure hope you update soon!

Gah, I love so many things about this story. I love Mera the character, Christian has to be one of my all time favorite OCs from FF and FP, and Jace is just...*swoons* Really great job because I was so not expecting the whole HK/Kevin thing and Jane! Oh my gosh what's going to happen to Jane and Christian? I hope they get together, I really do because Jane should have a better lifestyle.

Also, how many more chapters are left? Not that I'm complaining or anything, I'm merely curious...

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this long review ;) and don't forget to update soon! :D
1/10/2012 c19 BlueButterflyKisses84
Please update soon. My friend got me to read this story and I was up most of last night reading it. I love it! What scared me was that Mera has the same hair and eye colour as me plus I have curly hair. It actually scared me, the resemblence. But yeah, UPDATE!
1/10/2012 c19 1Momo17
This chapter was fine, honestly! I love the sweet little moments between Christian and Jane - more of them please! A few errors but nothing top bad, everyone has them :)

Update soon!
1/10/2012 c19 1Lulunoel
OMG! This story is simply ah-mazing! Super good! I wouldn't change one thing about it!
1/10/2012 c19 29Ginbrat
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this story i just finished reading please come up with more stories this is an awesome story it kept me wanting to keep on reading it took me over nine hours to read it and i LOVED it.
1/10/2012 c19 1violet-eyez
I kinda figured that he would already know I mean he is a criminal...so what happens now?
1/10/2012 c11 1A-new-colour
okay corrections:

1.when you say "she had a slim waste" you mean "waist"

2.it's not "waist your time", but "waste your time"

3.by "loch of hair" you mean "lock of hair"

4.it's not "she new" but "she knew" and of course, vice-versa.

5.I'm not about to point out more because there are far too many grammar mistakes.

The plot line is admirable and you've obviously put a great deal of effort in your story and knowing that you've hardly edited it, it is still unacceptable that you cant get your spellings right. In English their are many words which sound alike but as a writer, you honestly ought to know what to put where. Grammar is really important and if even your spellings aren't right then the reader is simply put off the story as they walk off to show their friends what a fool they discovered online.

Otherwise, the plot is good but it seems really weird knowing that nearly everybody in the story is troubled in one way or another. Of course we all have problems in life but if everybody related to the main character of your story has suicidal or violent tendencies and they affect the main character so horribly that she becomes a big mess herself then that is just overdoing it. This is not the story of a town full of troubled souls, remember that and continue on taking care that you always add that pinch of reality to an otherwise fictional world.


1/10/2012 c19 blueeyedfreakgirl
okay first of all i would like to say that i love this story, it is bloody amazing and the day you stop writing it, i will forever be saddened.

1) christian is amazing, he is so funny and out there. i need to find myself a best friend like that. the fact that he has tattoo's makes him sounds completely hot. i love his out burst, pissed myself when he said 'kiss' when the two girls where fighting and when Jace and Mera where kissing on the couch and he walks in saying 'oh my god dry sex' that was a pisser

2) Jace is amazing, though i don't know how Mera was getting his letters and how he found out Mera was moron before she told him. He really needs to take better care of himself because he keeps on getting hurt all the time. another thing is that he really should stop smoking its bad for him and i love the way he asked Mera out, its the best way to ask a girl out ;)oh and by the way, his blue eyes sound so amazing.

3) Kevin has gone mad, just to let you know. kidnapping a girl is one thing but thinking but having two different personality is a whole different thing. he really needs to get some help

4) Mera sounds really pretty and i to would have done the same if i found a guy journal. i'm not one to gossip or to embarrass someone, it was great that she made friends with Jace and christian and finally became some kind of friend with Susy after so many years. being kidnapped, you would think most people would have a spaz attack but she didn't, which really surprised me. i'm so happy that i the end, she told Jace she was moron (even though he already knew). after reading about her friend that died i was like awwwwwwwww and then found out her mum was keeping a littler from his sister that was addressed to Mera. i was like bitch please just give her the letter :)

5) at the start of the story, Suzy sounded like the biggest slut going around town, at parties having sex with any hot guy she could find then finding out she gave head to Jace in year 7, i was like wow. but now that she is pregnant, you see the happy, fun kind of person you would want your friend maybe best friend to be. i hope Jacob turns out to be a great father, he seems to be a good guy when hes not angry.

6) Mera's parents, wow i'm so glad that my parents aren't like that. for my parents not to speak to me, not even ecologic me i don't think i would be the happy, fun person i am today. i think i would be someone who didn't give a second chance to other people i didn't know, people that could possibly be the most important part of my life. i would hate to get dressed up and have dinner parties with a different family, like i would with my family yea okay but a different family every three months. that would be hell, then to pretend to be friends with the families daughter, god that would be annoying and to their son, William god that boy would be lucky if i didn't fit him across the face. he's what in his 20's and he is flirting with someone at the age of 17 almost 18

i hope you didn't get bored reading this, i kinda went over the top a little didn't i :/ all well, please update soon, i'm looking forward to it.
1/10/2012 c19 3Ramar
Really, this is fine the way it is because if you did change it into something all dramatic about her being Moron, it really would be too predictable and similar to so many other stories out there. This chapter is fine the way it is and I do beseech you not to change a thing... =]
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