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for Azrael, then angel of death

6/3/2002 c1 AnthyRose
Well! I have to say that you did a WONDERFUL job writing this! It was witty and bitter and remorseful and 'I-don't-care-that's-my-job-so-deal-with-it' type thing. ^^ You did a great job! Most ppl only want to write on the 'light' good angels, but I suppose we can't blame Azrael for his JOB, now can we? Great work.
9/21/2001 c1 The Dude Slayer
0.0 What to say. Azrael is usually a heartless demonic warrior. He's not supposed to be remorseful, but you did a good job making him so. I like it. Its not often you see people do something with the great angel of death.

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