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for With a Side of Brains, Please

4/2/2011 c1 18Luna Carn
:) Thanks for the laugh. Now I need to go and contemplate what to do in case of a zombie apocolypse. Sue, Jo, and the narrator have thankfully given me some ideas.
7/30/2010 c1 the red shoebox
Cute little scene you got here - I like it a lot! Your dialogue is wonderful.

I suddenly really really want a cup of coffee now...
7/25/2010 c1 3order out of chaos
:D I lol'ed. Sue puts me in mind of one of those bottle blonde girls...bitchy and can't really do anything useful. She reminds me a bit of one of my RA's, actually. O.O

Jo kind of reminds me of me, only every day as opposed to only the days when I'm sick. I'm always the one asking the odd questions, usually right out of the blue to boot. ;D And I'm pretty sure "What would we do if zombies attacked campus?" has come up at least once... ^^'

Anyway, really good fic. You should write a sequel, maybe where zombies really do attack campus and they're on the roof with the baseball bat, and Jo's going, "SEE? SEE I TOLD YOU!" XD

"Um, you have to remember Jo, there aren't a lot of brains on this campus." No, no there aren't.

I'm sorry I haven't PM'ed you in such a long time. I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOU I PROMISE! D: I've been trying to slog through my backlog of Fics that all haven't been updated in FOREVER (btw, look for an update to "Equipoise" soon, as well as more "Possessions, obviously) plus "Of Heroes and Villains" has been eating my brains (LIKE A ZOMBIE. :o)

Hopefully, if I can just get the next "Equipoise" not-drabble done, I can PM you later tonight. ;) Anyway, I've gotten horribly off-topic, and this is supposed to be a review, so again, good job! You do a great job with capturing these little moments in life-getting coffee and having a nutty conversation, for example.

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