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7/30/2010 c1 2Gator-aide
I can heavily relate to this story. Some time ago, when everything first started for me, people called me a liar. They didn't understand. They shunned me, started terrible rumors about me, and avoided me at all costs. I would have done anything to be like them. My illness can take away from my ability to walk. So for 6 months on crutches, and 6 in a wheel chair, my friends abandoned me. When I told them what was wrong with me and tried to talk to them they looked at me distantly with disdain. Even my teachers eyes glazed over and they avoided me at all costs. School... was horrible. Eventually it got to the point where I was home schooled. By the time they finally figured out what was wrong with me it was already to late- my life was already ruined.

I make due with what I got. My dreams, my aspirations, I want more then anything to have what I can't have... but it's not about the beginning or the end. It's about how you get there. So maybe I'll be able to still do it, maybe I'll still get there. If I try hard, nobody wants somebody who is broken, not even the Military, but I have to try hard because it's the only thing I cling to. Because I have to be good enough.

I look forward to you continuing your story, it inspires me.

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