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for The Pirate's Legacy: New Beginnings

11/30/2013 c31 Mak
Figures... you'd interrupt the lovey-dovey stuff and insert fighting. :)

What an intense chapter... I didn't want to stop reading to type anything else because I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next.

Aw... angry Roger.
11/30/2013 c30 Mak
I'm glad Roger is realizing that Michael's behavior was odd. There's no way he wouldn't fight with Roger about just letting Em go.

Haha. Roger thinks she wants to kill him.

"Your arejealous of Cicero..." - silly fictionpress

hehe... wrestling.

nearly a decade older... oh well... Cicero's brother was like ancient compared to her.

About time they both got over themselves
11/28/2013 c29 Mak
Em stared at him through her tears, wondering for a wild moment if he had somehow lost his memory. - Hmm... interesting. :)

Poor baby Roger.

"I could regulte my body heat." - regulate

Poor Roger trying to convince Em to not hate him.

Oh Michael, always trying to fix the two of them.

I'm glad Michael is smart enough to talk some sense into Em about this whole Roger's past thing.

Michael is so sneaky and good at keeping secrets.

Stupid meddling Goddesses...

And stupid Em not letting Roger finish talking when he's actually being nice.
11/28/2013 c28 Mak
Roger sure likes talking to Goddesses.

Glad to see Michael is back.

Aw now Roger at least appears to be sacrificing himself again.

And now, we see his strange tooth.

I'll be honest, I get really mad at Em here and think to myself that she should just grow up and get over it. She loved him before she knew what he was. But that's not really what would happen. If I were super-strongly prejudiced against someone or something, I guess it would be really hard to just come around to accepting it. And if you made it happen that easily it wouldn't be as believable. So I appreciate that. I do hope she sensible enough to come around more quickly than not, but still...

Good ol' piratey behavior.
11/28/2013 c27 Mak
And now Roger gets to be the damsel in distress.:)

Oh just kidding... now she's the damsel again.

Good thing the boat's still there, I guess... but they're just leaving it so I don't know.

"...they moved as far away from the quagmire as humanly possible before taking..." - as fast as humanly possible

Well, I guess it's good to know that both Roger and Em had a bad feeling about the forest.

Well of course she looked up after being told not to... everyone does. :)

witchdoctors... figures.

"She watched the warrior wrapped his thick fingers around Roger's neck and lifted..." - watched as the warrior

Aw Roger basically gave himself up for Em. How sweet.
11/27/2013 c26 Mak
Michael is too nice to leave them all to die. Roger would do it, but Michael... I can't see him doing that.

Uh oh... abandoned ship... that's not good.

Good ol' alligators.

Trapped Roger... too bad I can't read the next chapter until like 2 days from now. :( Good thing I still mostly know what happens (though I'll admit there are lots of small details I definitely didn't remember).
11/27/2013 c25 Mak
I like the legend better than the reality of why the island is red, personally.

Michael is such a nice person.

"...Roger took Em, Godsworth, Briggen, and three other men with him thrugh the left passageway." - through

Poor Em.

Good thing Em's mother had prepared her for opening the door. :)

"She just wanted to go home and forget ever meeting the Pirate King." - I can't say I blame her right now. He's definitely not my favorite person at this point in time.

Ew... bloody nubs for fingers...

Ah so see, Roger knows it's fate... he needs to stop being such a jerk.

Roger's an idiot.
11/26/2013 c24 Mak
Angry, betrayed Roger is definitely not my favorite Roger. These are the things I try to forget about him.

"Michael straight up slowly and stared open-mouthed at him." - straightened up

Poor Em. Should've left with Cicero.

I'm ready for Roger to stop sulking already.

"Unsteadily, she picked up her sword, and she had barely straightened u when he ..." - up

"He sighed for Em's second victim." HAHHAHAHHHAAHAHA I find that line hilarious. Poor Michael.

Hah! Roger told on himself. :)

Has Roger really fallen in love with her? I'm not quite sure I believe that yet. Perhaps in lust or in like, but I'm not sure about love as Michael is thinking.

Silly Roger.
11/26/2013 c23 Mak
I'd still be quite mad at Cicero personally. I might understand but I'd still be mad.

"How could Em just tell him, surrounded by busy, that ..." by busy what? people?

Oh sure, the only reason he's upset by Cicero being around is because he needs Em for the Mermaid's Tear... he sure is good at lying to himself. :)

Em's just a little bit stubborn... :)

Poor, angry (and jealous) Roger.
11/26/2013 c22 Mak
Well at least Em's a good liar to cover the blemishes.

It is rather ironic that Em's nearly warning him he might have pirate "visitors".

So he killed people and hid them in the rooms, but what of their blood?

Well at least Roger found the map.
11/26/2013 c21 Mak
Roger's a pervert. P Checking Em out through her sheet. hehe

And now Roger thinks that Michael's a pervert too... staying in the room while she gets dressed.

Oh Roger... get over yourself already and just give in. :)

He bothered to have her dressed like that since he likes what he sees. hehe

Hah! And Michael sees through their odd behavior...

And now Em says someone else made her do it, perhaps it was Helena... :)

Ick Pasicrates is a creep (at least in my mind).
11/25/2013 c20 Mak
Oh Michael... get over her already. :) I feel like he's a kicked puppy and that makes me sad for him.

And I guess the three days passing would be good for the stitches and bruising to heal maybe? I honestly have no clue how long stitches would take to heal, but based on what I'm thinking that'd be about a week since they were first put in? Or maybe close to a week anyway. I'm just worried about those stitches.

"To see them jump about and yell with glee caused a smile to break the melancholic storm that been her features." - that had been

As much as I like Roger, I'm not sure how much I like him in this transitional time. Roughing her up sure isn't nice, but I guess he is a pirate.

Meh, a 15 year difference. Whatever... Roger is probably about that much older if not more. Though I'll be honest, I've been trying to figure out his age for a while now and am still a bit baffled.

I imagine the only reason that Roger hasn't already figured out who she is now (she said Annalyn is her half-draconian sister from Tarym - what are the odds the new half-draconian queen isn't that same person) is because he isn't up to date with current events in Tarym. But you know, as the Pirate King, you'd think things such as a change in leadership would at least catch your attention in passing.

Out of curiosity (because I'm not the expert here) would a normal woman of fortune have ladies-in-waiting? They may have servants or maids or something but would actual ladies in waiting be normal? - another thing I feel like Roger might pick up on

Sheesh Roger, deny her involvement in your crew all you want, but we all know it's already over. :)

A large creature? What creature? How odd. Funny that it pushed him in, but odd.

He says he doesn't love but I still wonder if there was a previous incident where he did fall in love and has since decided it is a weakness. Or maybe that's just based on how he grew up.

Hah! Way to make the first move, Em.
11/25/2013 c19 Mak
Just curious but wouldn't Cosima wonder about the stitches on her head?

And now the tables are turning. Roger's acting differently and Michael is rightfully jealous.

"I've been so worried about your since I gave you off the Pontius." - to Pontius?

Oh jeez... if I were Em getting the revelation about Pontius I don't think I'd ever forgive him.

And then he slapped her... I like him less and less.

"She gave me visions of what was the come, appearing..." - what was to come

"but for the life of me, I cannot tell you how happy that you are alive." - happy I am that you are alive?

I definitely would have to wait a while before I could consider forgiving him, no matter if his intentions were good.
11/25/2013 c18 Mak
Ooh a whirlwind!

"The captain and the first mte made sure to keep Em within their sights at all times..." - missing an 'a' in mate.

Well at least Em is learning more about the culture on Politicka... I imagine it'll help in the future.

Aw... Roger's so mean. Such a silly man.
11/25/2013 c17 Mak
Ah Annalyn... that's all I've got for this one since I've read it recently.
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