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for What The Thunder Said

6/4/2012 c14 kimmi0404
I love this story! Looking forward to your next chapter. D
3/6/2012 c14 Dakota S
duuuuude. more? i need to know what the deal is with drew. he is part mentally handicapped and part bad ass. who is drew really? handicapped, bad ass, handicapped, bad ass...? not gonna lie, the 21 jumpstreet part nearly killed me. over the course of second semester last year my roommate had me watch the entire first four seasons of that show. so that part was totally bringing on the nostalgia for me. but, dan, just stop. no. no. haha. seriously, time for another update. and of string theory! every time i read the summary my mouth twitches uncontrollably into a grin. her poor toaster. XD
11/28/2011 c14 the color purple
another twist? holy heck this story is getting more and more interesting. but i love drew! sigh. i guess dan is okay too lol
11/8/2011 c13 the color purple
WHAT! hahha love this chapter buuut omg dan?
11/8/2011 c13 Jazzyy
moremoremoremoremoremoremore! Omg I love Deon and Drew :3 NO DAN :p
11/5/2011 c13 7Clover-101
oh my haha. But the army people is an interesting twist - good job
God, I love this story. Update soon! :D
Okay, so this story is like, AMWESOME and I think I'm a little obsessed with it right now... So yeah... ;D
10/19/2011 c12 7Clover-101
hmmm, is that a back story there? that would be interesting :) And way to leave it on a cliff hanger haha thanks a lot. Drew reminds me of one of my friends because he's kind of childish at times. But it's cute - and different. not the stereotypical kind of thing. Good job :)
10/19/2011 c12 the color purple
love! but wtf did dan pack a screw driver or something?
10/19/2011 c11 the color purple
hahha love this chaper!

but but but why cant drew be cured :( sexual tension lol

10/17/2011 c11 dakota s
dude...i love this. why have i not read this before? this is the kind of stuff i've been desperately looking for! not necessarily the zombie apocalypse part, but the voice, which can be the make it/break it of any story regardless of plot. awesome job. can't wait to read more :)
10/16/2011 c11 Clover-101
I love how the story is progressing, and I adore Drew's character. I can't wait to see where you take this next. And jokes about us winning last night haha
10/16/2011 c10 the color purple
omg when i saw my name i freaked out lol! another amazing chappie dear.. very pleased spud died lol... now update soon pretty pwease ^^
10/15/2011 c10 1random child
i dont know if rhis makes me insane or not, but drew completley reminds me of myself.

and god i read all 10 chapters in the same position and didnt get up.i really hope we get an explanation for why these zombies are here, because that confused me so much when it happened.but i like the way you write with spud being a cold hearted fiend and all, nice details to the story
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