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for A Paradoxcial Caveat

6/29/2013 c9 Prodigee123
this is good
6/27/2013 c1 Prodigee123
sounds interesting
10/31/2011 c6 The Imagination Addict
ooh i think i've got it. he works for a rival mob but is trying to get info on her dad's mob, and when he says boss's daughter, he means his non-mob boss...
10/31/2011 c5 The Imagination Addict
ooh the mystery. i still cant figure out who charli is! he refers to hadley as his boss's daughter, which suggests he works for kevin, which is supported by kevin continuously insisting there's nothing wrong with charli. but then charli goes and reports to some random guy whose name starts with 'n'. nate or something. im like... is he JUST a mob guy or a guy from a RIVAL mob O.o
10/31/2011 c1 The Imagination Addict
wheeheehee i knew this was a sequel of sorts! you should have mentioned it in the first book Fast Cars and Freedom, by the way. all the readers who'd enjoyed it would have moved on to read this one too :) and you should put it in the summary or title "sequel to FCAF" so people know.
7/17/2011 c16 2me.heart.fitzy
Great jOb! There was a balance of romance and drama which made it interesting
8/28/2010 c1 veyo
Story's amazing please update!

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