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12/31/2012 c13 13Chronos Ardour
oh dammit...I know that feeling and they do felt like that
12/31/2012 c12 Chronos Ardour
I cant wait...Jonah pic...
12/31/2012 c11 Chronos Ardour
When Ren gave Jonah the house key I was like "Aww!but things are not going that well right?theres this long chapter...I wonder what will happen..."
Then Ren is with Mark and I was like "asdfghjkl! *pulls hair*
12/31/2012 c10 Chronos Ardour
RenxJonah! and Zack...Iam gonna start naming my laptop too...
12/31/2012 c9 Chronos Ardour
wow Ren...just wow
12/31/2012 c8 Chronos Ardour
I enjoy the conversation Jonah had with Ren and Mark is a jerk...
12/31/2012 c7 Chronos Ardour
yes Jonah you did see Ren and wow I just love seeing Anne-Catherine being...I dont know owned?
12/31/2012 c6 Chronos Ardour
Jonah will look like a hot sexy ass mafia(maybe?)boss with him wearing a fedora...yup
12/31/2012 c5 Chronos Ardour
Jonah...personally I think you secretly wanted to make Ren jealous of you cause sometime ago you used to hate him lol and maybe still hate him
12/31/2012 c4 Chronos Ardour
Jonah dear dont hate much or else youll end up with that guy ;) and dont fate have such an interesting humor to meet them like that
12/31/2012 c3 Chronos Ardour
lol Ren you uniquely,cute-ish and...(I have no more words) of personality is just!
12/31/2012 c2 Chronos Ardour
...kinda remind me a bit of my life here
12/31/2012 c1 Chronos Ardour
oh boy,what an awesome first impression XD
8/4/2012 c20 FleetingMemories
This is such a cute ending! Ren is my all time favourite in here. Can only imagine which part of this story fits in your life and how hard it must be with that all. Do you have trust issues too? Interesting. Great job!
6/26/2012 c20 ringo01
This was really fun to read, and especially unpredictable(who'd have thought Jonah would say he wants to be alone?). The characters are also very endearing, even the supposed antagonist/s.

Quite often, I found myself laughing aloud to the various characters' antics, being able to relate to some of them(pretend boyfriends thingy and the teasing? yep, it's really VERY fun *grins wide*), and if not, seeing the possibility of such a thing really happening(Jonah running out of the company literally, to name one).

The reactions and emotions experienced by the characters, mainly Jonah, was very well expressed, allowing the reader to empathize with everything, all the ups and downs of the story for himself/herself- from the dismay, to annoyance, to nervous excitement, to the numbness of adrenaline rush, to contentment and unease, to... Well, I can go on and on for some time before I finish that, but the point is, there never was a dull moment where I felt like I really was just reading a story. It pulled me in.

I must say though, that I had been very curious as to how you would conclude this story. Many a times, a good story ends up getting ruined because of an unsatisfactory ending. I guess this is what makes this original fic of yours a 'great' story.

Job well done! Totally loved reading this, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading your other stories too \(w)/

P.S. Sandro's is pretty much cleared up, but will there be any individual story for Michael, Chris, and Mark? Oh, also, are you planning to write the back story for Rick and Matteo?
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