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for Red Running Shoes

9/1/2010 c7 julliette
i love this story cant wait for more
8/28/2010 c6 ricemidget
AHH! why'd you stop! j/k its getting so good, i can't wait to read what happens with the elaborate plan =D
8/24/2010 c6 jayanx
I reall like your story, Jonah's stubbornness and desire to avoid conflcit is something I can definately relate to, and make him my favorite character. I like his friendship with Michael, and their plotting makes for a fun read. Thank you very much I look forward to reading more.
8/19/2010 c5 ricemidget
You've got a very interesting story! a little confusing at first with the changes in time but now i can't wait to read the next chapter! 8D
8/12/2010 c1 ethankreizis
I'm so going to read more of this when I get home. For now I kind of have to rush off.

But great job on the first chapter.
8/6/2010 c2 17mousegirl05
A nice addition. Feel bad for Jonah (and maybe a little bit for Chris) because Mark sounds like a skeeze. *shrugs* I hope that Ren helps him get over that, and I'm curious about the red running shoes. Cheers!
8/6/2010 c1 mousegirl05
The concept itself is intriguing and fun. I liked the first chapter. :) Though I have to admit, I was a little confused as to who was speaking when Ren and Chris were practicing the dance moves. ^_^ I kinda like Ren already, but I'm getting the feeling I'm supposed to? ^_~ I like Jonah, and I'll tell you what, the short descriptor for your story is good. So many people can relate. I can't wait to see what kind of baggage Jonah trails around with him. Cheers!
8/6/2010 c2 Johnswinona
I'm glad that you continue this story. Jonah is hilarious. I love this. Next chapter?
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