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3/20/2022 c23 18emilyrowan
Also if I could get a chapter where these two FINALLY get the deed done I would be so happy. I binge read 23 chapters for these two to hook up XD
3/14/2022 c9 emilyrowan
OOOOHHH DAMN! Things are getting interesting!
3/13/2022 c2 emilyrowan
Pfft, Ben should get out of there and go live happily ever after with Dave
3/13/2022 c1 emilyrowan
Ok I'm 100% invested in this XD
2/22/2022 c23 Guest
Hi. Yes please. Give me snippets. In between moments from Dave's point of view of Ben from when he first met him or so. Arguments. Tension. And of course some sweet moments.

But i do love well written conflict. XD
12/29/2021 c22 anna Marry
halo author, i love your novel, i am an editor from fast growing platform, may i know how to reach you professionally?
11/20/2021 c22 Lurian
Exciting stuff! So much drama! So happy with an update!
I am very tired but this perked me up. Thanks much! :)
10/11/2021 c21 Lurian
Hey hey hey! Super excited about this update! I was very worried that you just couldn't find it in yourself to finish but here it is! I'm glad you found my previous comment inspiring. :)))
Bridgette POV is definitely different, I was not expecting a chapter with her backstory, but now I'm super keen to learn how things work out now! No lie, I can't wait to read 3 pages about MEANINGFUL LOOKS. That's the best part of any story!
Keep it up 3
9/18/2021 c20 jayanx
I really am loving thus story. There's something so messy, and genuine, and real about everyone. There's not one of them that I don't feel for, and how they keep brushing against each item's raw spots and broken edges. I love the maturity and emotional honesty this story has. It's not easy, but neither is life. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.
8/28/2021 c20 whskittles
Still reading please finnish!
8/3/2021 c20 lurian
Hi there! I've been keeping up with this since you suddenly started reposting again out of the blue! Just here to say keep it up, because I love these little updates.
These 'New Chapter' emails come from my old email account, which has now been allocated to the spam/junk email address I use to sign up to random shit. As a result I get sooo many email notifications that I turned off notifications for it. But now I filter these emails out asap so I can find out if you've posted another chapter here HAHA. I love it. You and your writing has now become a highlight for me in this dull covid lifestyle and I hope that encourages you to keep going!
I know you asked for opinions about Bridgette, but I honestly don't know what to make of her. She is not like anyone I personally know, so I don't have a strong opinion of her (that's more commentary about how I don't know a lot of people, not about how her character is written).
Hopefully you're not feeling too bogged down with the struggle of writing. I always say trust in the process (even if it means longer between updates). Good luck, and as always, I am excited to see what you have in store for Ben!
8/2/2021 c20 BlankPapyrus
Definitely still reading and enjoying. The characters have been complex and real from the get go. And I really want to see how this ends.
8/2/2021 c20 Lou
Still reading, please finish! Lol no but really this is great and I think you’ve really dug into each character’s personalities & represented them well in every scene. Interested to see what will happen next...
6/23/2021 c18 8bloopeebloop
I recently read your story in one sitting. Not since Stupid Post It Notes have I had the pleasure of reading a story with well fleshed out characters.

I particularly enjoy the terse dialogues - as those are often missing in many stories.

So, by all means, please continue writing.
4/28/2021 c14 2heyitsstupidme
I did not think that Ben would manage to convince Dave - and I'm not sure how I feel about it because as you've said, setting healthy boundaries is more not only okay but also important for your own health. As always, I really enjoyed reading the chapter and have gotten quite invested in the plot and the characters. I still cannot see this love triange dynamic turning out well but I do hope there will be a happy ending :) I also thought the ending scene in this chapter turned out well, especially Dave seemed to be his usual self so I would not have suspected that you struggled with it.
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