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10/17/2011 c6 10Sorraya T
Good work, lovely! we're both back after about a year of absence haha. Loved the chapter 3
10/15/2011 c6 Da-zGreen
OMG! I cannot wait for what is in store for us! You have got to update soon! I wonder who has her phone... So I'm guessing the person who wants her to wait for him is Luke... And she didn't even realise he admitted it! lol. I feel sooo bad for her though... I can't believe someone will take her phone and send pics like that tooo everyone!

But at the same time.. I feel like Luke is the one with her phone... Physco way of gettting her back.. I spelled that and a lot of other words wrong. lmao.. Anyways, update soon!
3/28/2011 c5 2Mtol
Hey :)

Just read the whole story so far and really enjoying it! I'm not usually into romance - usually too cynical :P but I'm loving this!

I like how she's trying to go against it...but it's just not working. Can't wait for the next chapter :)
1/19/2011 c1 18Open your eyes Chopstick
hi, so thought i should go on some review rampants. haha. so here's how my reviews work: i point out stuff you might want to look at again, then i get to the GOOD stuff...i tell you what i liked and why i liked it. Ready?

You're missing some commas and periods after sentences/dialogues. I won't point out which...since it happened to alot of them. Also, when MC and the boy were talking, you should probably add some more action. I couldn't picture in my head what they were doing.

also, you're "..."-just three dots is enough. :)

Okay, to the good stuff:

"I wouldn't say no, I'd say hell to the no."-phff...cliche to the "T" but...man, did it make me smile. I loved it.

"Hear the sarcasm? Yeah, it's there."-I liked this line. I think you do a good job using simple lines that helps the reader understand the characters

also, i liked that you added the mom and the relationship they have. Most YA stories on here barely have the parents be a part of their lives. Sorta like "the MC can't DO anything with parents watching them!" which isn't true. so good job.

Anyways, good job. If you have time, do you mind R&R my story "Twist of Daisy"? Thank you!
11/1/2010 c5 praneethaalovesbieber
lol fay nothing happened in this capter.. UPDATE WOMAN! :)

10/31/2010 c5 Da-zGreen
hm, I wonder who wants to meet her. lol. I'm betting it's Luke. lol. Or a secret admirer. lol. Anyways, finally an update. lol. Anyways, I love this chapter. I wonder if Luke is finally realizing that he lost someone that could make him feel like someone special. Anyways, hope you update soon!
10/31/2010 c5 10Sorraya T
Wo! Another chapter! That was great, babe, can't wait to read more! update soon honeyy xx
10/4/2010 c4 ToxicRedBerry

fay, rlly? A STORY ON SCHOOL?

how lame..nah jks, it's alrite :P

9/13/2010 c4 davl
story of your life. richard lin?
9/8/2010 c4 Da-zGreen
I was kind of disappointed because I thought you were not going to put in the dinner scene but you did. lol. I'm happy that you update. I love this chapter because not only was it long, it gave you info on what is going to happen between Lena and Luke. I hope they can work things out! Anyways update soon!
9/8/2010 c4 Sorraya T
dude that chapter was amazing! well done :)

i want to read more

OMG i love full court press and AL of All Over You's stories. They're amazing!

iloveyou xx
8/24/2010 c3 faysmells

oh well GOOD JOB (Y) :D

keep going . i shall be waiting for your new chapter ;)
8/22/2010 c3 Sorraya T

omg erica and linda are right! it is based on your life :D

:P haha

great chapter, you're amazing lovely :) update soon!
8/22/2010 c3 Da-zGreen
I love all of those love songs! lol. Anyways, great chapter! Hope you update soon! THanks for updating!
8/14/2010 c2 Da-zGreen
I think I totally missed something here. So they were going out right? Because I didn't get that vibe in the first chapter. Anyways, great chapter. Hoping for the next! Thanks for update!
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